Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It Feels Good to Have a Great Night

I had such a great night last night and didn't even expect to get anything done.

Watching dancing with the stars with my wife and we needed to finish up the Jimmy Kimbal show on LOST. I actually got a little play time before and after. The interesting part was the middle.

Anyways. I knew I was in the home stretch for LSW:The Original Trilogy so I started finishing the boards without dieing. Low and behold I did 8 last night. Couldn't believe I got that many done. I only have 5 more to go for not dieing now.

Well, I got a Hori turbo controller for my birthday and it finally clicked what I could use it for.

First up, while watching Dancing with the Stars and Jimmy, I pulled up Battlefield 1943, turboed the A and RT with the stick pushed forward. haha I had a slowly moving, jumping shooting guy on the map. I never got kicked out either. So I can finish up this game without worries now.

After that, I was about to go to bed but was only 2 million short of the 12 I needed for the 6x block in LSW. So I got the coins and bought it. Left the turbo controller plugged up and collected coins all night at 48x. I woke up this morning to check it, I'm setting at 432 million studs. I can buy everything in the game right now to get 100%. Woo hooo!!! This game is pretty much done for me.

I will however save that 180 points for Monday of next week for the challenge we're in as I think we are going to be good on points this week. If not, then I'll pop it if needed since that 1 achievement is worth so much.

Now to try out that Hori on Yaris and see what happens. hahaha

So expect a review on my Hori controller, now that I've used it and I've gotta write up something for Lego Star Wars too.