Monday, July 7, 2014


Never thought I would play this game.  I just couldn't bring myself to play it because of the way the graphics looked.  However, my oldest kid got into it and now the younger one has as well.  We got the pocket edition of this for them to play on the kindle.  They are really enjoying it and seeing the stuff that they create is probably the most interesting part of it for me.

Of course they have watched some videos on it and we ended up buying the Xbox 360 version of it.  Which adds on a ton of stuff the pocket edition doesn't have.  I didn't find out an update is coming to add more stuff to the pocket edition but that's a few months away.

So I put it on my phone and created 3 places to live as I know they would join in once they knew I had it.  I started playing also so I could see what they were doing and figure out answers they kept asking.  Even though I ended up asking them questions all the time to learn new stuff myself.  Never thought that day would come this soon.

So they love joining my world for the stuff I've built for them to run around it.  They've been gone for the weekend so I've done a few things that they will have to explore to find.  I'm sure they will like them once they find them.

I'll definitely be buying the Xbox One edition when it comes out later this year.  I just hope they are smart enough to allow a Xbox 360 edition to connect to the Xbox One.  I know the Xbox One will be bigger but when you connect, you connect to that world, not your own so it should be able to handle it unless the code just isn't going to allow that to happen.  Guess will see.

LEGO The Hobbit

Switched over from playing Titanfall to get started on my LEGO Hobbit game on the Xbox One this weekend.  They've added a few new things as is with each release so it's not the same game everytime.

You'll definitely recognize the world you're running around in if you play the LEGO Lord of the Rings game.  I can it's going to be a little different but the same even though I'm still currently running through the story line. I've had to stop a few times just to take a better look at the graphics in the game.  The details are extremely good and you almost don't even realize how good they are just running through the game without paying attention to it.  They've done a suburb job on the graphics in this game.

One thing I'm noticing is that when you break certain objects, you get items out of them and not just coins this time around.  Running through the game you will hit spots where you have to use those items to build something.  Without them, you can't do it.  I'm only going to assume that when you're playing during a level that if you break all the objects you'll have what you need in the board at that time to do it.  However, outside of that, you can trade items for other items which means this could be a daunting task to get something if you don't have the materials needed.  You'll be doing some hunting around to say the least.  So far I've been trying to collect all I could along the way and I haven't ran into but 1 place where I didn't have an item that someone wanted.  The game told me I could only get it in a certain board and I wasn't even to that point in the game yet.  I just ran through it so I think I picked up what I needed, just not sure if I got enough of it, which will require a replay of the board.  Not like I won't be doing that anyway to 100% the game.

All the rest of the norm you're use to is back in the game.  So finding and collecting everything is going to be a daunting task as always.  I've finished all the rest up to the point, don't plan to stop now.  Plus my kids always enjoy playing these games so we keep them.

Sword Art Online

I started a new anime, Sword Art Online this weekend and finished it as well.  Got wrapped up in it to the point I just kept watching the next one. 

I guess what pulls you in is the fact that it's not to far off in the distant future.  They are using head gear to immerse themselves into a virtual reality game.  Only problem is when SAO comes online, the Game Master (Creator) came in and had turned the log off option out of the game.  All the head gear was built to where if they died in the game, they would die in the real world as well.  The helmets were designed to fry your brain for easy terms.

The only way to escape is t beat the 100th floor of this tower.  No easy task by any means.

It's definitely something worth watching as you can relate to it in the real world for how people act in MMO's online.

Sword Art Online 2 just started on July 4th and I've watched the 1st episode of that.  I'll definitely be waiting to watch each episode each week.