Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung TV Having Issues

Well about 4 days ago my TV started clicking when I cut it on in the morning.   It eventually cut on but a TV shouldn't do that.

So I decided I'd research it online.   How about all Samsung TVs have the same issue.   After reading more into it, there are 3 capacitors that were put into the TV on a 12 or 15 volt charge that is needed.  In time the clicking on and off will take longer to cut the TV on and will eventually go out.  

Since its a huge issue Samsung will actually repair it for free.  Better them send a professional than me taking the TV apart to do it myself.   I've only soldered once before and I did it fix a Philips DVD player with the same type issue.   That DVD player worked better than it ever had.

So setting here typing this out as the guy is here currently fixing TV.   So ill have more years to come from my TV.

Google Glasses?

The Daily Beast: Google to Sell Display Glasses

Now this will be interesting to see.

Nothing Like A Few Hacks to Help You Out

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is the game I mentioned at the end of my last post.  I had read a review from a website and it just caught my attention.  I finally remembered to download it and it was 66% off this week.  So I picked it up for .99 cent.  Can't beat that for a game.

Kingdom Rush is another tower defense game but it is very impressive.  You have your towers and your roads.  You have an archer tower with 2 guys on top shooting, a barracks with 3 guys that come out to block the road, a Wizard's tower with one Wizard standing on it, artillery damage which is a massive cannon, a meteor strike to rain down terror, and recruits (farmers if you must) that you can keep putting down to help out.

I'm only 4 sections deep into the game.  On each part you have a Campaign mode, Heroic mode, and an Iron Challenge mode.  Campaign is obviously the story for playing through the game.  However, you must get 3 starts to unlock the other two modes on each part.  Both Heroic and Iron Challenge are hard to beat.  I did them all on the first two parts of the map, however, the next 2, I have only been able to beat the campaign.  The game has upgrades, so I'm going to progress some so I can upgrade my units in hopes that it will help me but depending on where you are in the campaign the game limits how how a tower and which towers you can use. 

Most tower defense games you can mostly breeze through until you get close to the end.  This one is getting hard already at the beginning so it's going to be a struggle to actually get all 70 stars in the game.

The game through in achievements as well so you can work towards those as well.  I'm up to 11 so far.

The only other tower defense game I've played that has gotten hard is Jelly Defense.  I love the colors in that game for the way they made them stand out.  The game play is good and you have to learn a good strategy in that game as well as this one.  Without it, you will lose for sure.

Spice Invaders

Before my trip to Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago, I had grabbed a new iPad game that was up on the front page for suggestions.  It was called Spice Invaders and it's a tower defense game.  Well, on the plane ride over, I loaded it up and I played through the first few boards.  It was fun but I stopped because you have to be online for it to register and update your experience to get your rewards.

So later on that night at the hotel, I fired it back up and collected all my stuff and went up a level.  So I started running through the boards and there are different ways to actually play each board.  So that helps spread out the games for beating it different ways.

One way was actually playing online.  So I load it up and randomly get someone else that is online playing and end up in a tie during the match.  It's easy enough to win the first 2 boards as it's 1vs1.

So I go back to clearing out the Americas and beat each of the ones that I could and the last one that opened up was set to hard.  Well I haven't been able to beat it and I thought I needed it cross over to Africa.  Just realized that I have it opened so I can continue on.  Guess it was my level that needed to go up for me to move on.

Here is what is pulling me back into the game even more.  I decided to do the 3rd map for the multiplayer aspect of the game.  It threw me off at first as it showed 5 slots.  Well 5 slots was no lie.  5 people trying to defend and take out every one elses guys coming out all at the same time.  It's mass chaos and I have won yet.  However it is fun and I'm still trying to grasp exactly how to place my pieces down as you have to be quick or you don't get any.  I can tell I need to level up as once all the places are taken, all you can do is level up your pieces.  Doesn't do much good when you've stopped and people around you are still upgrading to a higher level.

So I'm definitely going to have to play more to level up and get some more spice to upgrade my towers to have a slightly better chance of staying in the game longer for a win.

However, I had read about another tower defense game that I started playing as it went on sale this week for .99 cent so I'll try to post about that as it's a very good game as well.  It's also very hard.  So more to come on my next post for that game.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Onyx medal in GOW 3

I got my first Onyx medal in GOW 3 last night.  I kept seeing the field engineer popping up, so I guess it was counting down for me everytime I upgraded/repaired a device.  I got it the same time I upgraded my sentry gun to level 3.  Too bad we were on wave 20 and the board filled with gunkers.  They destroyed my new sentry.  8(  One thing for sure, in a wide open board like we were on, that gets rough as you can get hit from all directions.  The host quit after the 2nd try, so it killed the flow and I left as well.