Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spider Man Friend or Foe

This game isn't to bad to play. It's not very hard and once you beef up your characters and figure out the moves you like to wup everyone up with, you'll role through this game. The cheat for unlocking 5000 points to spend off the bat is nice as well. There are some character unlocks as well if you want to use Venom just from the start.

This game does have collectibles but they aren't hard to find. The ones that you are going to miss are the ones that are just out of the screen where you can't see them or you just don't look around enough to find them. Which also means destroying everything on your way. Which you need to do for the money anyway. I wouldn't kill yourself trying to find everything. You can just go back, replay the level at anytime. Plus, just look at a guide to see where everything is and you'll find them easy enough for the ones you do miss. It won't hurt you to reply the levels because when you do beat the game, you'll have to keep playing to earn enough money to upgrade every character in the game. So nothing like going through the levels to earn money again.

You will get some power-ups on the way, use them as you go as you can only hold 3 of each anyway, so you'll waste them if you never use them. No worries if you die, you'll start right where you left off but you will lose all your money you've earned if you do. So the power-ups can help prevent that.

Once you are down to just earning money. Just do the last level where you fight the final boss as you'll get 3000 just for beating him plus any you earn in the level along the way which will range from 200-300 depending. Each character takes about 3800 I think to level up all the way. So this would be the quickest way to do it as no other level gives you near that amount. I think 1 level I got up to 1000 on a beach but that was it.

So enjoy, play through for fun destroying everything and looking for stuff as you go through, then go back to finish up when you didn't find later on.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Losers

Well if you're looking for some action with a bit of comedy, this movie is a must see. I actually enjoyed watching this. Never got bored even once with the entire movie.

The comedy they used is very refreshing and goes with the vibe of the movie.

If you get a chance to watch this movie, definitely watch it.