Thursday, April 7, 2011


That's the sound my wife heard as the garage door was closing when she got home yesterday. Upon inspection from me, the spring over the door that helps pull the door up broke right in the middle. Just snapped off. Called and got a friend to come over and help lift the door. One side came off the track and almost hit the car. Luckily it was up high enough so I got in the car and backed it out.

So at some point today I'll be heading home when the guy comes out to look at it.

On a gaming stand point, helped Wade Thompson finish off Zombie Apocolypse. I can't believe he played through it all by himself. It was a blast with 4 players running through it. At least now he has it done.

Next is Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Duels.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Busy

I haven't posted in a while but for good reason.

Mighty Mango's house caught on fire and then one week later a friend of mine in town caught on fire as well. I spent 2 days with him going through the house trying to find anything we could.

Was exhausted by Friday which I took off and ended up taking my daughter to the doctor's office. She finally got some stout drugs to help knock out her month long cough.

I've got to put together a post on 4 games I've bought for the iPad. It's a mix that covers the whole family.

I also need to post up on the iPod Touch we now own as we sold 2 Zune's to buy it for the wife.

I'll try to do those sometime in the near future.

Past that, just been working on Blur and a little Gran Tursimo 5.