Monday, April 23, 2012

Kinectimals with Bears

So I got this game back at Christmas for my older daughter and she played it for one day getting through all but one part of the map which wouldn't unlock for her.  

After finishing Lego Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 I had the urge to play this again.   Went back to the cat side and got a medal in every challenge I hadn't done from my last restart of the game where it glitches on me.   Then played the bears trying to unlock the last part of the map to no avail.

So did some research today and I didn't realize I had a superplunderscoper to find 8 new gold medals in the game.   So played around going from section to section until I got to Lanes Selva and found the first gold medal.   After that the game automatically takes you to each section you need to go for the next gold medal.   You have to complete three challenges at each location to get the medal as well.

So after going through all that,  unlocking the last part of the map, then going back to wrap up a couple more achievements, I finished the DLC to complete the game once again.

I did go adopt the pink teddy bear and play with it some.   Just had to do it and named it Pinkalicious.   8)

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 Complete

Been playing this with my kids on and off finding everything and Saturday I pushed through and finished the game getting all the achievements that were left.

I'll have to start back playing Lego Star Wars next.