Monday, August 6, 2012

The Green Latern

I finally got around to watching The Green Lantern yesterday.

It wasn't a bad movie but if you're looking for action, you won't get much of it from this movie.  This movie focuses on how the first human ever became a green lantern.  They did a good job on the story though. 

After watching it though, if you don't know much about the green lantern, then this movie seems to be the last you'll see of him on the big screen.  They need to take that yellow ring that was made and make another movie involved with that so it can flow back into this first story since the yellow ring was made in this movie.  Watching him train to become a better green lantern wouldn't work to well for a movie but a quick glimpse of some training would probably help the crowd understand how he got to the point he is.  That and I don't think earth is the only planet in his district to watch over, so he should go to another planet to protect another species as well.

I wonder what the chances are they will make another movie with The Green Lantern is.  The action will have to be bumped up and show more stuff with the ring as he should be skilled in the 2nd move for sure.  Here's hoping they don't completely abandon this hero.