Thursday, June 20, 2013

Microsoft Goes Backwards

Well it's all over the place Microsoft pulled back and is now going back to using discs again, plus the connecting once every 24 hours is gone, and it's region free now.

Region free is the only thing that should have been a given.  I'm happy to see that happen.  I just hope when they make Japanese games that they add English subtitles to some of the games.

The other two, I'm more frustrated at because by going backwards using old technology, we are losing a bunch of good ones that were coming with the Xbox One.

I was geared up for having my games being able to be played no matter where I was with my account.  I was hoping with the new system that it would retain my games value longer and not drop down to where it's worth nothing after a month.

My console is always online now as well.  Granted, everything should still work if you weren't online but now some games that could have been possible might not come out because you've limited the cloud base.  Unless of course the publisher requires it and then you'll have be online in order to play it.  How is Forza 5 going to work if it never puts your stuff up on the cloud so your friends can race with how you are.  That's a key aspect of being online.

So yes, Microsoft appeased the masses with all the ranting but I think they should have stuck it out.  Steam did and now games are cheaper from them because of it.

Guess will have to wait to see just how things work when the console comes out.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

For anyone that missed this game last week when it came out, don't hesitate to go get it.  I loved the first one and its the best tower defense game I've played on the iPad.  They only improved on it with the new Frontiers game.

It has its funny quirks in it like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Aliens, etc...  It's always cool to see that type stuff in a game.

Im still working on finishing it.  To me its harder than the first but a friend of mine already beat it before i did.  I've been trying to 3 star everything though and he hasn't so he pushed through quicker than i did.  Im closing in now and beating it on expert is not going to be easy.

All the new towers and upgrades are really neat.  They did a great job on them.

It still looks as good as the first one, so no quarrels there.

This game is $4.99 in the App Store.  You can grab it here:

Fast and Furious 6

Finally went and saw this yesterday with the wife.  Yes I know Superman came out but I had a way to go out with the wife and we both wanted to see this movie so it trumped Superman.  Ill be going this upcoming Friday to see Superman.

So back to Fast 6.  We really enjoyed the movie.  The only part that they pushed over the limit was the catch in mid air.  That's just not gonna happen and he wouldn't have gotten up if it did happen.  That's all ill say on that.

Still, the driving and stunts they did were still good.  If you have liked the previous movies then you will like this movie.

They definitely set it up for number 7 very easily.