Monday, December 20, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

Started and finished this game fairly quickly. I haven't seen the movie yet, so now I'm curious if the movie follows the game. If so, it doesn't really follow the book but the book is short in comparison to a movie and they added a bunch of stuff in the middle.

This game has collectibles but everyone said don't worry as you'll get a cheat later on. Well in order to get the cheat you want in order to find all the items on a board, you have to find everything on a certain item to unlock that cheat. So as you're running through, you still need to try to find everything you can and towards the end of the game, you'll start unlocking all the cheats. At least when you're running back through, you can run until you find it and not worry about looking everywhere again.

The gameplay is very simple and not hard at all. Fighting and saving the monsters gets a little harder later on but all you need to remember is, not die of course, but keep knocking the black stuff off the monsters so they will stay up and not get pulled down into the ground.

So in about 10-12 hours you should be able to knock this game out fairly easy.

Green Zone

Had another movie come in from Netflix that was not near the top. They are getting as bad as Gamefly when it comes to shipping out movies you want. I got around to watching it yesterday.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was during the Saddam period where we were looking for the chemical weapons. The movie did a great job showing how things probably were over there and what Americans were going through.

The action was really good. Any FPS fan is going to enjoy it because some of the scene's reminded me some parts in some games I've played. It made it more intrigueing if anything else.

If you like war movies and got 2 hours to spend, I'd watch this movie at some point.