Thursday, September 30, 2010

Verizon Ticked me off Today

Was out and decided to swing by the Verizon store tonight.  Was looking at getting the new Samsung Fascinate phone since my discounted upgrade came up.  We waited and waited and waited.  it was finally closing time and all the names went off the line on the screen.  Found out someone wrote the names down.  We got skipped over 5 times and I confronted the guy on why he skipped us.  He said he called our name and I said no you didn't.  The guy didn't have a loud voice so he can't be heard that well and until he got like half way down the list, he started walking around asking everyone on the names.  So I was already mad.

So got to talking and looking as the deal was if you buy a Fascinate you can get any other phone in the store free.  I knew I would get it but Destiny had to figure out what she wanted.  Ended up wanting the same one I did.  Go to the counter and then it's we can't give you the free phone unless the other line is up for promotion as well.  That's not what your advertisement says so now we're stuck and they are pitching the add a line for $10 a month and you can get the phone and move your phone over to that one.  We're talking, debating if we want that $240 over the next 2 years taken away from us on the phone.  We also have to take into account that now we can't sell one of the phones we are currently using because the 3rd line has to be tied to a phone.

It's a tough decision but we decided we can probably make it work.  So go back to the counter and the lady then tells us that we have to have internet on the other phone because you have to put it on that new # when you're buying it.  I told her to wait a second because I'm not getting something.  They are forcing me to put internet on the phone that I don't have internet on.  She says all new plans are forced to have it and come next year, it's not even going to be an option.  Then she had the audacity to say this is how we're going to upgrade and get to a 4G network.  That was the deal breaker right there.  Not only is it going be another $10 on the new line with our current phone, so it's adding another $20 to our bill and for 2 years, that's $480.  Now they are forcing me to pay so they can upgrade their technology.  I'm sorry, that's a hit you have to take and then reclaim as time goes by.  Not the other way around.

Needless to say at that moment in time we both thought the same thing.  God does not want us to get these phones and if we do, heaven forbid will be sorry if we did take that crazy deal.  We are both ready to drop Verizon and even look at AT&T or Sprint now.  2 year contract ends in Apr so we have time until we can do anything.  Windows 7 Phones will be fully out by then for sure on every provider unless someone will play for us to get out our contract.  Which I might have to call and ask just to see if another provider is willing to do that.