Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kinect Party

Kinect Party for the Xbox 360 is free until 2013.  Grab it if you want it.


Transformers Legend

Check out "TRANSFORMERS Legends"

Grabbed this yesterday after reading a review on it.  This is on the Play Store for Android.

Starting out the game pushes you through how to do everything so I still don't know how to do some things in the game.   Like assigning a weapon to an autobot. 

Not sure what adding allies does for you either.  

They need better instructions for this game.

Just get past that and dive into playing, the game isn't too bad.   Starting off you'll be able level up pretty quickly and continue playing for a good 30 minutes or more.

The campaign has you scanning and area where you find other cards, the enemy shooting rockets at you or a random chance to win a rarer card.

When the enemy shows up, he fires missles at you and you have to click on the screen when they turn green to destroy them.   You'll get extra xp and such by doing so.

There is an option to battle players online against yours.   You only get 3 fights unless you level up for more or wait until it refills.

I didn't realize the battle points you earned are good for the portal in the game to get more cards,  weapons, and such.  So you want to win to gain more because if you don't win you don't get anything which is crap as you should always get something.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit

Actually took a chance on watching this movie in 3D since we have a GTX theater in town now.   The 3D was really good especially when my daughter kept reaching out to grab stuff on the screen.   She can be silly sometimes.  Needless to say, I don't hate 3D anymore.

The movie was excellent but they have added more than what you would have read in the book.  Which is probably how this is a trilogy like Lord of the Rings is.

I don't think anyone will be disappointed seeing the movie.     Time was like a blink as well.   It was hard to believe I was setting for 3 hours.  Felt more like 1.  Needless to say you get pulled in.

One thing is for sure.   They chose a perfect spot to stop this movie.   When you see it you'll be like, WOW, that looks AWESOME.  Poof, black screen, to be continued.  It makes you want to watch the next one right now.   Having to wait a year twice is gonna stink but nothing I can do about that.