Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fancy Pants Adventures

I haven't played this game in awhile. Last time was probably close to my last achievement on 7/11/11. I left off with one achievement left in the game. The time trial runs. So I started earlier this week on it and I finished them all off tonight. Another completed arcade game for the week. I'm hoping for one more but I don't see it happening unless by chance. Since I haven't posted on this game I'll add a bit more info on it. I originally bought this game because it looked liked a huge upgrade compared to N+ which I don't think I'll ever be able to finish that game. Anyway Fancy Pants is a fun game to game. It has to be if my kids enjoy playing it. Being able to characters look helps add more fun into the game for them. Their is a collection aspect and finding everything can be hard but there are plenty videos online to help you find everything if you can't or find them all just running around the board having fun trying to figure it out. I guess I should add your guy is a stick figure jumping off walls to get around everywhere in the boards you play. That looks like enough info for anyone. 8)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puzzle Arcade

Well I finally finished off Puzzle Arcade last night.  The worst part is it didn't remember any of the previous puzzles I have done.  I guess the last achievement I had was when I was on my old Xbox before I got an Elite and transferred everything over.

I finished off the 3 level fractal puzzle and I was expecting the 5 * 250 completed puzzles to pop as well.  It didn't.  I had to do 4 more puzzles over 250 pieces to get the achievement.  So that sucked but at least in turbo mode it helped me finish up the puzzles way faster than just normally doing it.  I did split up the days so it did carry over and I didn't have to do it all in one sitting.  I know another game that is bad on that and I'm sure I'll be starting over on that one as well if I ever go back to it.

So yea for another arcade completed game.  I worked on 2 more last night and both are closer to being finished so hopefully I'll finish them up sometime in the near future.