Monday, June 27, 2011

The Adventures of Fancy Pants

Well I had downloaded the demo of Fancy Pants as it caught the attention of my wife from the Xbox dashboard. Then of course she had me show it to the kids and they loved playing it. So bought the game so they could run through it all.

I had to help my daughter get through one of the last levels but they ran through the game and beat it. They are still going back and playing it more now.

I've actually been playing it lately because my daughters want to keep changing the outfits. Well, in order to do that, you have to beat those boards and pick a prize when you beat it. So slowly but surely collecting all the different items for my girls to dress up mr stickman fancypants in the game. Some are pretty neat and they got themes. I was running around with the green top hot, green pants and a large candy cane stick for my weapon. I recently changed it to another top hat, this one being american flag colors, with the pants being the same, and I've got a sword now. It starts out to where you can pick a baby bib and sucker, so the range is wide for what all you can get.

I'm currently trying to collect all the squiggles in the game, with the bottles, gold stars, and unlock all the challenges. I've got about 4 or 5 more boards left and I'll have that part done.

After that, I'll go work on the challenges which is a time based on some and point driven on some. It's always that easy and you can't really mess up or you'll not get that gold medal you need. I did the first race in the game and it took me about 10 tries to get gold. A little worried on this one for the rest but will see how it goes.

Overall, the game is fun and if you have every played N+, you will probably enjoy this a ton. Physics are the mostly the same but with more added in with fun worlds to run around through figuring out how to get to that spot next.

Definitely worth picking up if you want to dive into an arcade game that will take some work to finish up the achievements on.