Clash of Clans 






qd - has left.  He will be missed.


BK Gekko
Dragon Palace - Has returned!
O!! - Awaiting his return.
Derek - Left but he shall return someday.


Kim - Quit as it was taking up all her time.

1. Respect one another.
2. Donate 200 troops per 2 weeks.
3. Keep the chat clean of foul language.
4. DO NOT ask for elder.  It is earned by being a part of this clan.
5. NEVER donate Barbs, Wall Breakers, or Goblins unless requested.
6. Donate what is requested during clan wars.
6. Have fun!

Clan Info

We have a solid group of people.  We always try to help out with layouts, upgrades, donations attacks or any way we can help out our group.

Clan Wars

Defense Tips
  1. Make sure your Town Hall is protected in the middle of your base with Clan Castle right beside it.
  2. Make sure the Clan Castle is full of your strongest troops: Dragons, Wizards, Witches, or Archers (Archers if your Clan Castle is extremely hard to get too).  All archers with 1 or 2 wizards works well.
  3. Try to make your Clan Castle troops hard to pull out so that the attacker wastes time trying to pull them out.
Attacking Tips
  1. You have to 3 star all the lower bases.  No excuse not getting those and not getting those will make you lose a war very easily.
  2. Flush ALL Clan Castle troops out of the castle.  Once they are out, pull to a corner and drop troops to kill them all.  Archer/Wizard combo works great.  Don't waste Hero's on clan castle troops.
  3. During war, if the the clan has made the Clan Castle extremely hard to get troops out and they are filled with archers.  Make sure to bring 1 lightening or rage spell with you. Only deploy half your troops.  Once all the archers have come out the clan castle and are closely grouped together, drop the lightening spell to kill them all or majority or drop rage spell to help troops to kill them faster.  Then drop the rest of your troops to finish off the attack.
 Clan War Attack Strategy

  1. First 4 hours of war:
    •  Bottom 10 members try to 3 star bottom 10 bases.
    • Middle 10 members use 1st attack to try and 3 star another middle 10 base.
  2. Next 4 hours of war:
    • Middle 10 members use 2nd attack to try and 3 star bottom 10 bases.
  3. Remaining hours, top 10 start 3 starring bases from the bottom up to maximize stars.
Additional Info
  1.  Clan Wars are going to be held twice a week.  Tues and Thurs.  (We will look to do a Saturday war on and off)
  2. It's understood you can't always get your attacks in.  We just ask you try your best to get both attacks in.
  3. If you can attack to earn loot after the fact, please do so.  It's not going to be held against you.  You earning loot helps you upgrade and helps the clan grow.