Thursday, November 21, 2013


I finished up every achievement in the game (not including DLC) except one.  I just didnt have the time or I could have got all 1000 in this game.  Just had to get 3 stars in each of Spec Ops missions.  I'm ok with letting that one go.  I had 28 of 48 stars and I know I could have gotten the rest.  

I did take the time to help a friend get 3 stars on the veteran missions.  So now he only has 2 more stars to get and those 2 are for the training courses.  Those timed ones are rough so good luck to him on those.

Overall the game was fun but easier than the previous Call of Duty Modern Warfare games.  Some parts might get you but you don't get stuck for long.  If you want to earn some achievements fairly quickly, you can earn them pretty fast in this game.  It didn't take me long to finish the campaign and go back to get the achievements I needed from the campaign as well.

Survival mode is fun and can be rough.  I'm glad you only need to get to level 15 on all the boards for the achievement.  It would be rough to get up to 30 if they wanted you to go that high.

So now that this is finished, I'm ready for the new console to come out.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Awww Winamp is Shutting Down

I was using Winamp when it first came out.  This week be a sad day next month.

"Winamp, Our Favorite Media Player for Windows, Is Shutting Down"

Would You Think of This

This would have never ever crossed my mind.  I wonder if Microsoft really put that much detail into choosing the start up and shut down noise.

​When You Start Up The Xbox One, It Plays A Pretty Song"