Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Windows 10 Uses Less Space

The more I see on Windows 10 the more I'm wanting it.

Windows 10 takes up less space and lets you easily kill bloatware

Monday, March 16, 2015


 I've been playing Terrari since the beginning of January as the game went on sale the last day of the Microsoft sales going on and my daughter really wanted me to play it. 

Terrari will remind you of Minecraft except it's not 3rd person and is a side scroller.   You mine, craft and create things in the same fashion.  One advantage this game has is whatever you're carrying will go with you to the next world you create.  So you can move stuff around if you want.  Even joining into your friends world you can do the same.

So it was a steady pace with my daughter learning how this game works.  I bought Dying Light so that pulled me away some.  The real kicker is when we were finally starting to unlock and get newer cool stuff she got hooked playing Minecraft again as she was playing online with some friends.  So I was full on Dying Light until I saw Fshguy online playing Terraria.  My daughter hasn't played with me since I started playing with Fshguy and I've completely left her behind now in the game. 

With Fshguy I've unlocked all but 3 achievements as of today.   I've gotten most of best weapons in the game. Yet he still finds stuff I don't have just because there is just so  much to find and get.  We worked on killing the temple boss and we never realized he was going to drop as many good items as he did.  We might have to go kill some more bosses to get some more good dropped loot.

Couple days ago I was working to get all the armor.  I realized I had miss making some items as some armor sets have more than one piece of headgear.  The wiki is also wrong as of today as it shows some armor for the PC but the Xbox One got an update so some of those armors are now in the game that you have to get.  So Fshguy comes in to put the armor he hasn't gotten yet and gets the achievement from picking up what I've made.  I didn't get the achievement.  We had no clue as to why but the relentless task of trying multiple different ways to make it pop didn't work.  After trying other accounts and they didn't get the achievement, something had to be missing.  So I went back and organized all the armor in order as the websites showed.  When I got to the very end I finally saw what I was missing.  I didn't have the sapphire robe.  Fshguy had issues that night and deleted that robe before giving it to me.  What I had was the normal silk robe that is blue like the Sapphire robe but no where near as bright and doesn't count.  I really wished I lived close by to go pay him a visit for that.  It might be worth the trip.  Needless to say once I made the robe, the achievement popped right away.  That was two nighttime play times spent trying to figure that out.

One thing Fshguy did tell me as I saw this on his review on Gamertag Nation was how to zoom in.  It's very easy to miss and I've been playing the game the entire time fully zoomed out.  Click start and then use your LT and RT buttons to zoom to your liking. You are definitely going to want to zoom in on this game to play.  Especially if you have someone playing with you on the same screen as the characters get really small and hard to see.

The game overall is pretty fun but can be a bit daunting for all you need to do.  Especially if you're going for 100% in achievements.

All that's left now is to find all the pets, corrupt and hallow most of the world.  Three achievements to go but that's a lot of work that needs to be done.  At this point in the game you will be creating more worlds.  I've been playing in 1 for the majority and have a 2nd one for getting some corrupt items that you can't get on a crimson one I have.

When all is said and done, if the achievements will pop by going in another person's world then I'll be able to really help people knockout a bunch of the achievements really quickly when I'm done.