Sunday, October 31, 2010

Witnessed an Accident today

Was out doing some quick shopping before we went to a fall festival and trick or treating.

Was waiting to to go to drive over to the mall when I looked left and said, that car is going way to fast. No sooner than I said that, the guy driving slammed into the side of a car crossing the road. His car came to a complete stop when he hit and the back end of the car went up in the air.

The car crossing drifted on down the street some. I jumped out of my car and ran to the guy driving that hit the car. Asked me if he was alright and he said no. The car was still coasting and heading towards my car. I turned the steering wheel to the curb and got the car to stop. All the while the car is smoking bad on the outside and inside. I was afraid it was going to catch fire. A lady came up, which I found out later she was a nurse, and told me not to move him and check under the hood to see what the smoke was. Couldn't really determine what it was but a fireman came up and we tried to get the hood up but it was jammed shut. Finally figure out the transmission oil was what was smoking. Along with the air bag stuff in the car that had deployed.

Interesting part is the first policeman to show up was from Warner Robins county but his jurisdiction was on the road I was on. The accident happened on the main road so I had to wait on the Centerville police to come and take a report.

We were the main ones to see the accident. So I verified somethings with the other drivers and none of them saw everything I did. So I told them I had it covered for the police report and let the go.

The girl that got hit wasn't hurt but was really shaken up. She was actually on her way to get her hair done for a wedding she was in today. The bride actually showed up at one point. I had to give them a recap as they had no idea what really happened.

The guy driving the other car got a neck brace, put on stretcher, placed into the ambulance and went to the hospital to be checked out. He was really out of it when I first got to him and I was the first one to get to the car. He still seemed out of it when he left.

If I get a sapenia (can't spell that) in the mail, I will have to go to court to testify on it. If not, I'll never see or hear anything about this ever again.