Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kinect Party

Kinect Party for the Xbox 360 is free until 2013.  Grab it if you want it.


Transformers Legend

Check out "TRANSFORMERS Legends"

Grabbed this yesterday after reading a review on it.  This is on the Play Store for Android.

Starting out the game pushes you through how to do everything so I still don't know how to do some things in the game.   Like assigning a weapon to an autobot. 

Not sure what adding allies does for you either.  

They need better instructions for this game.

Just get past that and dive into playing, the game isn't too bad.   Starting off you'll be able level up pretty quickly and continue playing for a good 30 minutes or more.

The campaign has you scanning and area where you find other cards, the enemy shooting rockets at you or a random chance to win a rarer card.

When the enemy shows up, he fires missles at you and you have to click on the screen when they turn green to destroy them.   You'll get extra xp and such by doing so.

There is an option to battle players online against yours.   You only get 3 fights unless you level up for more or wait until it refills.

I didn't realize the battle points you earned are good for the portal in the game to get more cards,  weapons, and such.  So you want to win to gain more because if you don't win you don't get anything which is crap as you should always get something.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit

Actually took a chance on watching this movie in 3D since we have a GTX theater in town now.   The 3D was really good especially when my daughter kept reaching out to grab stuff on the screen.   She can be silly sometimes.  Needless to say, I don't hate 3D anymore.

The movie was excellent but they have added more than what you would have read in the book.  Which is probably how this is a trilogy like Lord of the Rings is.

I don't think anyone will be disappointed seeing the movie.     Time was like a blink as well.   It was hard to believe I was setting for 3 hours.  Felt more like 1.  Needless to say you get pulled in.

One thing is for sure.   They chose a perfect spot to stop this movie.   When you see it you'll be like, WOW, that looks AWESOME.  Poof, black screen, to be continued.  It makes you want to watch the next one right now.   Having to wait a year twice is gonna stink but nothing I can do about that.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just used Shutterfly to make some Christmas cards.  40% off using the HOLIDAY promo code.

Shutterfly requested I remove the widget and I have kindly done so.

Please visit http://www.shutterfly.com for any new information and updates.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GOW3 - Finally Boosted to Level 100

Ever since I got the Xbox 360 public beta to test for new desktop, I wasn't able to load up a guest account in GOW3.  Now that the beta is over and I have the full desktop load back, I can once again load a guest account.

Two days ago, I setup my Xbox to boost up some points.  I forgot all about my Hori controller moving and not staying on target.  So I didn't gain any experience at all.

So yesterday I started around 7 pm to try to get it setup right before I let it run through the night.  My first attempt, the controller moved where I was looking and didn't stay on target.  On my second attempt and I actually got it to stick and not move.  However, the guy getting the gun kept pushing it out of range no matter how I set it up.  So every 10 mins, he wasn’t picking up the gun for me to spot.  So around 11 pm I finally redid where the gun was and repositioned him.  It finally lasted more than 10 mins and I went to bed hoping for the best.

So what do I see when I cut the TV on this morning, my guy is dead on the screen.  Unless a friend joined in on my match to kill my guy, I don’t know how my guy picking up the gun could have died.

So I started up another horde round and finished it before I quit out.  I was really happy when I actually got to watch the meter run across the screen.  I started at level 91 so moving past that was great.  Then the meter just didn't stop and it maxed out at 100.  I was ecstatic to see that I made it to level 100.  I guess I’ll get my achievement when I reup since I didn't have time to do that needing to get to work.

Now I get to keep working on it until I can get to level 100 again for the 2nd reup achievement. 

I'll have to go look but there aren't very many achievements left in this game that I'm going to put the time in to get.  So I'll have to check on that this afternoon to see what I have left.

Clash of Clans

Well I'm still hooked on Clash of Clans on my iPad.  I finally got my level 6 town hall and have upgraded so you can see my town.

For me to get enough money it took a little work.  I maxed out all my mines in the game to earn as much as I could.  Then when I was high in money, I came home and I had won a defensive fight.  By doing that I had over 400k saved up.  I spent the rest of the afternoon keeping my iPad active so I couldn't get attacked.  During that time I was attacking as fast as I could going after towns with high money in them.  I earned over 300k in gold plus what my mines earned during that time to make it to 750k.  I was so happy to have finally got it.  I can finally upgrade all my stuff again even if it does require more money to upgrade.

Realizing that I need to get town hall 7 already so I can upgrade the barbarians, archers, and goblins in the game.  With town hall 6, I was only able to get giants and wall breakers upgraded.  It's 1.2 million to get town hall 7 and I can't even hold that much.  I'll have to upgrade my storage units to hold that.  I will uprade my defenses first so that I can hopefully defend and win some battles to keep my money easier.

Next on the list to get upgraded is my wizard tower.  Between the wizard and mortar towers, they help win more than anything.  It costs a lot to get them up to the next level but I'm going to focus on the cheaper things first as it will be easier to get to that amount of money first.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated Web Page

Figured today was as good as any to update my blog site.

As of now, I've associated my blog with my Google+ account so I can post on Google+ easily.  Added the Google Badge to help anyone add it to their circles easily as well.

I changed the entire layout of the page with a Dynamic view.  I like it better and I will still keep working on it to make it a little more to my liking with the color aspect of it.

Now to figure out how this posts to my Google+ page via this post to see how things go.

Well, I thought I liked the Dynamic but it's not doing like I want it to so this might be changing soon.

**Another Update**
Well I'm still working on it but I"ll have to come back.  Guess I should have kept my old design.  Not sure why but it won't add any ads onto the site like it did before so I'm going to have to research why it's not.

**Last Update**
Well I can see the ads I have on the page now but if I use a Dynamic page, I don't see them at all.  So not going to try to use that until I figure out why.

Batman: Arkham City

I've actually stopped playing pinball since I beat a friends score and I've been working on Batman: Arkham City.  I actually finished the story in the game already but that leaves you with just over 300 points in achievements.  That means there are lots more to do in the game.

Well, even though I beat the game for the story line, the other side stories or side missions in the game are still waiting.  So I went and finished all those up except for The Riddlers.  Well, I did rescue 2 hostages but you have rescue like 6 I think.  Well, you don't unlock the hostages until you collect enough of the Riddlers trophies around the map.  So I'm currently running around trying to find all the trophies in the game which I've spent 3 days in one corner and I still have a few I'm trying to find or figure out.  I thought the first Batman was bad, this one has even more.  What really got me last night was I kept seeing these brackets  that look like [] on the map.  I had no clue what they were until now.  They are where the answers to Riddlers riddles are.  You literally have to find what he's talking about, do a scan while in front of the object to complete the riddle.  Luckily the game has guys you'll see in green with the scan mode (forgot what it's called) on.  If you interrogate them, they give you the locations of the riddles on the map.  Without that or using a guide, figure all this out on your own would make this game extremely difficult to finish.

Microsoft had 2 of the 4 DLC's on sale this week.  They were Robin and Nightwing's DLC.  Those DLC's don't have any story  modes in them at all.  They are strictly on the fighting arena which I royally suck at the fighting in this game.  I was horrible at it in the first one and I'm not going to waste my time to do what I'm just not good at.

The other 2 DLC's have stories included with them.  I got Catwoman's as I bought the game new.  Harley Quinn's is the other DLC and I would have liked to have bought that one but not for $10.  If they would have put that on sale I would have bought it.

I'll definitely finish and find all the riddles and Riddlers trophies to finish that story line.  Which after I finish all that there is another mode I have to run through and beat the story again.  Only this time the game doesn't give you any help but you did get to keep all your gadgets.  By the time I finish finding all the Riddlers stuff I'll have maxed out everything on Batman so at least he'll be maxed out with every ability when I run through that mode.

I think I have ran into one glitch in the game though and it's with Catwoman's DLC.  After you beat Two Face, you have to go find and beat up 16 thugs to get your loot back.  Well, I've taken down 12 and there are no more guys to take out with loot.  I've ran through and taken every guy down in this entire part of the city where Two Face is and still nothing.  So unless the game randomly spawns them in at some point, I don't know if I'll be able to finish Catwoman's story line.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wizard of OZ on Facebook

I would say it's about time they made a Wizard of Oz game but I wouldn't have expected it to be on Facebook.  

I will probably have to play this game strictly for my youngest daughter so she can see and play it.

Check out the link:

The Wizard of Oz Facebook Game Will Get You, My Pretty

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Nooooooooo, I can't believe I missed getting this.   I'll wait and read the reviews to see if it's just as good as playing the original.   If it is illegal fork over the 2 bucks to buy it that iTunes shows right now.

You Have One Day to Get Carmageddon Free for the iPhone and iPad [Carmageddon]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard bicycle 'close to mass production': tough, green and just $20

I think I would buy this just because it's $20.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft puts a price on Surface RT: starts at $499, or $599 with Touch Cover

This week I've seen some many Windows 8 commercials and the new Surface tablet.   It's only Tuesday.   Guess it's finally time for it all to start coming out.

I'm happy to see a price on the Surface tablet finally even though the Pro version for next year is not on the list.   Adding in 128 gig HD with some high end video card will definitely push it up to the $1000 price tag I'm thinking it will be. 

I wonder if this would be worth getting over my iPad?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I actually rented and watched the Battleship movie this past weekend.   I must say that I throughly enjoyed it.

I thought it was going to be some Transformer spin off by stealing what they do.   They didn't do that at all.   They made it actually believeable that this was another race, which was like us but different in their own ways,  that traveled across space from a signal we sent out to reach out to other world's.   Too bad when they came it was to take over our world.   They definitely had some advance technology but nothing to the extreme that we couldn't create ourselves one day.  

They have the small love story in the film as well but it doesn't take too much precedence in the film.   Just enough to go along with the story.  

Definitely check it out if you're looking for a decent movie and don't know what to get.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinball FX2

Getting more and more addicted to pinball everyday.   Was just shy of 300 million on the new Plants vs Zombies table.   Still ended up in 2nd among my friends.  

At least I'm slowly getting better at playing for the tables I'm concentrating on.

The Avengers tables are half off this week as well as the Captain America table.  

The Captain America table is pretty fun and got 2 of the 3 achievements on it with my first play of it.

Now if Dacoto will quit trying to destroy any high score I have,  life would be better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinball FX2

While I've taken a little break from playing this some, some friends have come in and beat my high scores I had on some tables.  I've been playing more and more Pinball FX2 to try beat some friends and to get achievements.  So far, outside of the new Plants Vs Zombies table (which is really good), I haven't gotten much of anything.

I did however break 100 million on my first table ever on a Pinball FX2 table.  I got it on the new Hulk table that came out with the Avengers tables.  I got 130M.  I was so excited then it went away a little when I realized my friend The Dren had 155M.  I'll definitely have to revisit that table again soon to try to get up past that score.

Right now I've actually gotten hooked on Thor's table.  I've actually gotten to where I can beat Loki in the brother challenge pretty easy now.  However, the achievement for beaking Loki doesn't unlock.  Since it's a 30 point achievement, I'm going to assume that's Wizard mode when you beat all the challenges and then have to beat again or something.  No idea but I'll look it up later to see for myself as now I'm curious.

So now that I've gotten him figured out, I've been trying to figure out the next challenges.  I've been hitting them all but last night I focused on trying to beat the armor.  Finally figured out what I need to do and beat it.  So with 2 challenges beat, and before I lost my last 2 balls, I got up to 46 million on the table.  Only got me up to 5th amoung my friends though.  What sucks is I got up to 43 million on 1 ball.  Then last 2 just dropped down the middle with no chance of hitting it.  I swear the tables are rigged to make you lose sometimes.

I'm still wanting to go back to the Plants vs Zombies table again too.  Just to play, unlock and find all the stuff the table has to offer.  It was just fun to play and see all the different parts of the game with how they built it into the pinball table.

Divergent and Insurgent

I keep meaning to post but I just never get around to it.  I need to start posting from my phone more.

Anyways, I haven't been playing as much the last week as I have gotten wrapped up in reading.  A book has to really pull me in to stop playing to read at night otherwise why would I even bother typing on it right?

So Divergent is the first book.  Someone referred me to the book and I just now got around to reading it.  If you have read the Hunger Games, then this book is going to give you a little appeal as you will fill somewhat of a connection.  However, it's not Hunger Games and is a completely different setting.  Still has a girl for the mail character with a boy with her.

Just like how the Hunger Games books were to me, I can't stop reading these books.  You really get sucked into the story and each time the chapter ends, you want to go onto the next to see what is going to happen.  I've already stayed up late a few nights paying the price the next day because I just couldn't stop.

I have finished reading Divergent and I'm about 150 pages into Insurgent.  Insurgent picks literally where Divergent stops.  Heck, it was probably one big book that they cut in half.  I think the total pages would be around 900+ pages if it was one book.  Which is not unheard of but it's split up.

I actually got the point where I thought Insurgent was about to take it's meaning from the title but it didn't happen.  It is definitely building up and I'm going to have to finish this book sooner than later so I can go back to focusing on finishing some games.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FCC Going to Test Wireless Carriers Claims

In a way I hope they find them lieing and force them to drop pricing.  That or something to help us out with te ridiculous price and limited data.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lego Batman 2 Complete

Well this past Saturday, I finished up Lego Batman 2 putting me back to 100% on all Lego games complete.  I'm ready for Lego Lord of the Rings to come out.

I thought it was interesting that the last player in the game you will unlock, which requires all 250 gold bricks, is Super Girl.  Flying around with Superman the whole time, you figured you have gotten to unlock her sooner than the last Lego character in the game.  I'm still waiting for the day they make you use every character in the game in order to unlock or get an item somehow or someway so you are forced to play with them at least once.

So now I've got to figure out what I'm going to play and work on next.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone

Just saw this and I'm impressed.  I keep leaning towards a Windows phone each month that goes by and I think I might have found the one I would want with the new Samsung ATIV S coming out with Win 8 on it.

Check out the post here:  http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/windowsphone/archive/2012/08/29/this-is-the-samsung-ativ-s-the-first-of-many-amazing-windows-phone-8-devices-coming-this-year.aspx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOW3 Spotting Exp Update

So a few days ago I talked to Fafhrdd and Hotdog on the Hori controller and what it was doing.  I got some good suggestions for trying to get it to not do it.  However, it is a known issue with the controllers so eventually it might just always do it.

So the tips I got were to put your ghost up against a wall and it will keep it from moving right as there is a wall to stop it from moving.  The other tip was the analog stick speed.  I had it all the way down but moving it up to high.  Then lowering it back down helps keep it from moving as well.  That one might not always work though.  Was a temp fix for Fafhrdd when he did it.  Said it didn't last long.  The last tip was to put it on the ground and not leave it up in the air as I had been leaving it up in the air.

So while on Checkout, where the steps dip down, if you're looking out from the back wall, I was putting my guy in the left corner.  So I switched up walls and went to the other side.  I took my ghost character and put him semi close to the corner, on the ground and had the wall to my right.  Since my controller was pulling right, seemed the ideal thing to do.

I've ran it 4 times doing the tips above and it's working.  I did have an issue on the 3rd try.  It might have been me when I grabbed the controller or it did it towards the end of the night.  What happened was, it was looking straight up in the air.  When I finished the match and went out, I still got all the experience I was expecting to get.  The 4th try last night went just fine without no issues.

So I'm up to level 91 so 1 or 2 more times will net me level 100 so I can re-up for the first time and then I get to do it all over again to re-up and 2nd time.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Wars

Just read this over on Kotaku.


A free online multiplayer game for the Xbox 360.  If this is true, it's about time we saw another free game from Microsoft.  So sick of new 1200 point price point for all new games.  I'm so not paying that much for a gem when it's an arcade tile that is short.

If you check out the video on the page, if you have played Fat Princess on the PS3, then you are going to call this game a rip off.  There is a difference but to me it is pretty obvious where they got the idea from.  Next thing you know will see a Horde rip off that's free.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blah, My Hori Controller Isn't Helping

I'm currently trying to do the spot trick in horde to level up to level 100 faster.  The first night I ran it, no problems.  Ever since that night, two nights ago, it glitches somehow.  I thought my cat hit my controller the first time but the next time I actually saw it.  It slowly jumps to the left a little.  So throughout the night it yanks to the right a little and within like 15 mins it's not spotting anymore.

You would think it would eventually go all the way around but I think it stops at some point or it does move up higher and can't see the weapon to spot if it does go all the way around.

Needless to say if this wouldn't have been happening I probably would been right at or have it level 100.  I wonder if I can spin the controller, it hit the spotting on the spin and stay in place the whole time.  Guess its something to try if it will spot without moving.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well I've been grinding out the achievements in want in this game.   I'm down to 5 and 3 I could get.  Getting to level 100 a couple times and reuping will take a little time.   getting 10 kills on Minh with Ramm is a pain as it's chance.  

I'm definitely not going for Seriously 3.0.  That's just more time than I'm willing to give to a game now.  Also getting the socialite achievement for playing all the different types of special matches Epic puts up.   Depending how long I keep the game I might play it once a week to try and get it but not going to push to get it.

So hopefully I'll be wrapping up this game in a couple weeks.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Green Latern

I finally got around to watching The Green Lantern yesterday.

It wasn't a bad movie but if you're looking for action, you won't get much of it from this movie.  This movie focuses on how the first human ever became a green lantern.  They did a good job on the story though. 

After watching it though, if you don't know much about the green lantern, then this movie seems to be the last you'll see of him on the big screen.  They need to take that yellow ring that was made and make another movie involved with that so it can flow back into this first story since the yellow ring was made in this movie.  Watching him train to become a better green lantern wouldn't work to well for a movie but a quick glimpse of some training would probably help the crowd understand how he got to the point he is.  That and I don't think earth is the only planet in his district to watch over, so he should go to another planet to protect another species as well.

I wonder what the chances are they will make another movie with The Green Lantern is.  The action will have to be bumped up and show more stuff with the ring as he should be skilled in the 2nd move for sure.  Here's hoping they don't completely abandon this hero.

Monday, July 23, 2012

iPad 3

Well, I officially own an iPad 3 now.  It'll be my wife's but I do have one so I can see how much difference there really is besides just reading on it.

The best part is I got it for $150 but that's on top of the iPad 2 that was messing up.

My wife's iPad 2 hasn't worked quite right since we've gotten it.  It has major issues on connecting to a network and then keeping the connection.  Sometimes it just wouldn't connect at all.  Didn't have if we turned it off, hard reset it, or whatever else we found to do online.  It strictly had a network hardware issue.

With in the past couple weeks, the button wouldn't actually work either.  It just wouldn't take a click and being stuck in an app with no way out of it is no good.

So took it to Best Buy yesterday as we have the warrenty on it.  Talked to them and they can't send it off to repair because the iPad 2 32 gig model isn't made any more.  So it's a scrap and you have to get a new one.  Here is the better part, since it's actually a manufacture issue and not any issue caused by us, we got to keep the warrenty without having to pay for it again.  That made my day. 

Of course since we bought the iPad 2 back in Feb, they already took off some of that deduction for the time frame of it not being new anymore.  So that added another $20 onto my bill.  I can't really complain though, with only having to pay the $100 to get the newer version of the iPad, I got to keep my warrenty, plus the warrenty does start over being a new product, and having to pay for the oldness or whatever they call it for the depreciation value of the product.  I can't complain paying $150 and walking out with a brand new iPad 3.

I got everything setup on it for my wife yesterday, so all is back to normal for her.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Smart Screen On

This is going to come in handy.   As much as my phone is always setting on a desk being able to swipe my hand over it to turn it on will save me from trying to pick up or fumble to push the button in to see that notification that I just missed.

Smart Screen On for Android Turns Your Phone’s Display On or Off When you Wave Your Hand Over It [Android Downloads]

Firefox For Android

Firefox for Android Updates, Offers Seriously Speedy Browsing and Bookmark Syncing [Firefox]

I will definitely have to see how good this is as the Dolphin browser they mention is a fast browser.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Fancy Pants Adventures

I haven't played this game in awhile. Last time was probably close to my last achievement on 7/11/11. I left off with one achievement left in the game. The time trial runs. So I started earlier this week on it and I finished them all off tonight. Another completed arcade game for the week. I'm hoping for one more but I don't see it happening unless by chance. Since I haven't posted on this game I'll add a bit more info on it. I originally bought this game because it looked liked a huge upgrade compared to N+ which I don't think I'll ever be able to finish that game. Anyway Fancy Pants is a fun game to game. It has to be if my kids enjoy playing it. Being able to characters look helps add more fun into the game for them. Their is a collection aspect and finding everything can be hard but there are plenty videos online to help you find everything if you can't or find them all just running around the board having fun trying to figure it out. I guess I should add your guy is a stick figure jumping off walls to get around everywhere in the boards you play. That looks like enough info for anyone. 8)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puzzle Arcade

Well I finally finished off Puzzle Arcade last night.  The worst part is it didn't remember any of the previous puzzles I have done.  I guess the last achievement I had was when I was on my old Xbox before I got an Elite and transferred everything over.

I finished off the 3 level fractal puzzle and I was expecting the 5 * 250 completed puzzles to pop as well.  It didn't.  I had to do 4 more puzzles over 250 pieces to get the achievement.  So that sucked but at least in turbo mode it helped me finish up the puzzles way faster than just normally doing it.  I did split up the days so it did carry over and I didn't have to do it all in one sitting.  I know another game that is bad on that and I'm sure I'll be starting over on that one as well if I ever go back to it.

So yea for another arcade completed game.  I worked on 2 more last night and both are closer to being finished so hopefully I'll finish them up sometime in the near future.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

Well I didn't see this coming and it came out of a closed Beta yesterday.   I've always enjoyed playing Yu-Gi - Oh! and this game changes it up but it is pretty fun to play.

Your deck is limited to 14 cards. You have only 3 monster card zones and 3 spell card zones.  No traps from what I've seen so far.  No more going into defense as you have to attack every round.   So there is not much on stalling but you can change out the type of deck which mentions defense but I haven't got to a point where I can or maybe would want to switch depending on the opponent.

The game goes through a story line and you have the option to read more as you go but I'm mostly just playing so I like that the option is there to not force you to read all the story bits.

One big thing to add is that they have power ups in this game in which you can activate during a duel and their is a good chance you will win.   During the tutorial it will have you put 3 down.   First takes 500 points off opponent, second increases all your monsters power by 2000, and the last destroys all your opponents monsters.   Definitely a win when playing all that.   However once you use them, that's it, they are gone.   I have earn 2 more in the game so far and they are different.   If you really want to have them you can buy them in the store and spend your money on them.   I don't plan to do that so ill hold onto what I have for now.

The only thing I didn't see is if their was a way to play against your friends online or not.   Even if the game doesn't have it I will still play as it's fun to play.

Update:  Here is the blog for everything in the game.  Looks you get to duel against your friends and get help from them.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little 3 Kingdoms

I bought this game about a week before I finished up Kingdom Rush.  I read a review and it caught  my attention enough that when 2 months went by, I still remembered this game when it came out.  I don't know what it is but tower defense games on my iPad are just fun to play.  I've got a few to play that I haven't played yet or need to go back to.  So since I actually paid for this one, I figured I better play it sooner than later.

This game is more about the timing of building your troops versus placement and upgrading.  Well upgrading your guys is also in this game but it's the later missions like 70+, since that's where I'm up to in the game right now, where the computer is really building an army bigger and stronger than you can keep up with.  The special guys are the ones that will help you the most.  I have all the guys unlocked but one guy you  have to buy his magic which is more than all the upgrades so I never bought one.  Well now I'm wondering if I should have focused on getting a couple of those instead of upgrading all my other guys as the 70+ levels have stopped me from progressing finally.  I've finally hit a wall that I can't seem to beat and not quite sure how I'm going to do it yet.

I guess it would help to explain how this game works.  You have your castle and the AI has his.  You build your guys that come out and they walk across the field to destroy the others castle.  So of course the guys run into each other and it's a fight to get to each side to take the other out on the field in between.  Some guys move faster than others and they all each have a special ability that gets upgraded and allows you to do it more than once once they've upgraded some.

It's very easy to play outside when you're trying to click on the guy you want and it won't select him.  That or you want off the guy and no matter what you click you can't seem to do what you want.  So the game has some touch issues and I'm sure anyone will notice this if they play as you will bang the glass trying to get it to switch.

The graphics are in HD and look really good.  Nobody will be disappointed with them.  They are brightly colored and the each of the background boards look nice.

Even the music is a little soothing but I'm growing a little tiresome of it.

Hopefully I can press forward and figure a way to beat this part to earn some more money or I might have to restart and try upgrading differently for these higher levels so I can proceed through better.

So check out Little 3 Kingdoms if you're up for a little castle defense.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kingdom Rush

I have finally finished Kingdom Rush.   I don't mean just beat it by getting through the campaign.   I finished the campaign, finished all Heroic and Iron Challenges, extra content that was added later on, and I got every achievement in the game.

One thing is for sure, if I had time, I would always play this game.   This is the best castle defense game on the iPad I've played and I have been playing a few.   So don't pass up on getting this game.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Acekard 3DS Won't Boot

So wife ran an update on the 3DS without thinking or asking me.   Now now the Acekard won't boot.

There was a new update on the Acekard site but that doesn't do any good if the 3DS won't boot the card.

Luckily it still worked in the DSi as hardware updates don't get pushed to it.   Yeah for keeping older hardware around.

Update the AKAIO software first.   Then run the firmware update update for the AK2i card on the DSi.   Then put it back into your 3DS and you should be good to go.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Idea

It's nice to see commands that can help you on the OS you already have.   Check out the article for a good way to remove and clear up space without some program you have to download.

Free Up Hard Drive Space with a Simple Search Filter, No Extra Programs Necessary [Disk Space]

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is the day so figured I'd at least make a small post stating it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lego Lord of the Rings

Not only do we get a new Lego game next month but we get Lego Lord of the Rings in October.   I'm stoked.   I'll be making plans to rewatch the entire series now.   My box set is coming out.

Sounds Like We're Getting a LEGO: Lord of the Rings Game [UPDATE] [Rumor]

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Avengers

I'm in the theater waiting on the movie to start.   I've heard nothing but phenomenal comments from all my friends.   I will update my own comment here once the movie is over.

Update: Without a doubt, a must see movie.   Fantastic

Friday, May 4, 2012


Monster has a new drink out.   Can't wait to try it out tonight.

Update : It took a Leatherman can opener to get this drink open.   That comment on the back saying if you can't open it you shouldn't be drinking it is true.   Oh it tastes really good.


Unlocked instagib in GOW3 last night.   200 wretch kills outta the way.   Also got 1100 human kills for that onyx medal.

Need to work on versus next to unlock the super active reload.  

Plus still working on upgrading all my fortifications.

Who knows what is after that.   Long game for sure.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone

Last Saturday I actually got the 4 player co-op achievement for running through the entire game online with 3 other peeps.   One guy was having router issues and got disconnected 3 times before he gave up trying.   Brought in the 5th person we had as a backup and flew through the game without issue.

The previous Saturday nobody showed up that signed up to play outside of the host and a me.   Leave reviews for no show and frown smiley.   Of course I get a private message from someone whining that I gave them a bad review when he posted he couldn't make it.   Well his post was not showing on TA all the way up to start time.   Even if he did do it 30 mins before the start time.   So he leaves a whiney brat review on me before I ever reply and fix it.   I should have left it for the way he acted.   He removed his comment and left it blank with no comments after I had fixed mine.  

The other guy gave me a bad review with "... " as the comment.   He was playing Halo online and wouldn't come over.   I shouldn't get a bad review because he didn't show up.

Oh well,  don't really care but people are complete idiots sometimes and I think the host should control the reviews.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kinectimals with Bears

So I got this game back at Christmas for my older daughter and she played it for one day getting through all but one part of the map which wouldn't unlock for her.  

After finishing Lego Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 I had the urge to play this again.   Went back to the cat side and got a medal in every challenge I hadn't done from my last restart of the game where it glitches on me.   Then played the bears trying to unlock the last part of the map to no avail.

So did some research today and I didn't realize I had a superplunderscoper to find 8 new gold medals in the game.   So played around going from section to section until I got to Lanes Selva and found the first gold medal.   After that the game automatically takes you to each section you need to go for the next gold medal.   You have to complete three challenges at each location to get the medal as well.

So after going through all that,  unlocking the last part of the map, then going back to wrap up a couple more achievements, I finished the DLC to complete the game once again.

I did go adopt the pink teddy bear and play with it some.   Just had to do it and named it Pinkalicious.   8)

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 - 7 Complete

Been playing this with my kids on and off finding everything and Saturday I pushed through and finished the game getting all the achievements that were left.

I'll have to start back playing Lego Star Wars next.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinball FX2

A few of my friends are constantly playing Pinball FX2.  I've owned it from day one but they have a bunch of tables out unlike how they did the first one on Pinball FX.  So I played it and figured I'd play the tables I owned to see what I would like again. 

Nothing was pulling my interest until I hit the Paranormal table (Which is a free table for anyone).  Actually got into the table and was enjoying it.  Actually kept playing and got all 3 achievements on the table.  Was excited about that and put a 20 mil score on the table.  I was pretty stoked but I figured I'd move onto other tables and start trying to get the achievements on all the tables while hoping for a high score along the way.

Currently I'm missing 10 tables.  To buy them all would take me 2240 points.  It's debateable to just buy them all but I think I might wait and try to catch them on sale to save some money.  So hopefully that'll happen sometime soon.  I will probably buy the new one coming out with Hulk in it here this month or next.  Can't remember the release date.  That and maybe one other table.  I'll try to hold off on the rest though.

So decided I'd start from the beginning and work my way over.  Wolverine was first up.  The ball on that table is just plane fast.  If you look away for a second, it's gone.  It seems to bounce out the side really easy on me as well.  I actually have 1 of the 3 achievements on this table.  The next 2 look hard to do.  It'll be luck the day I pull that off.  I played it for a couple days and that first day I did pretty good and put a descent high score.  I couldn't play worth a flip the 2nd day so I moved onto another table.

Spiderman was next.  The ball zooms around the table fast but it does slow down as it comes out fo the chutes from a drop before you can hit it.  So that helps some on this table but it still can get fast on you sometimes.  Played it 1 time last night and actually put up a high enough score to push me up into the top 10 list of my friends.  If I can get into the top 10, I'll be happy.  I did pop 1 ach on the table so yeah for getting 1 more in pinball fx2.  I got the ocutpus guy all the down from the back but then I lost the ball and he went all the way back.  Actually think I had beat the goblin at something but I lost the ball right after it happened so it cleared out whatever might have happened.  I'll definitely have to play this table again to see how I can do again.

Immortals and The Darkest Hour

Actually watched both of these movies last weekend.  I need to post stuff more when I do them than later.  Time, it's always a factor.

Will start with Immortals.  The movie was pretty good and enjoyable to watch.  It's got that 300 feel for the action and look, so that pulls me in already.  Story line wasn't too bad.  If it's not a movie you just want to see because it's not your type of movie, don't watch it.

The Darkest Hour was ok.  The idea for the aliens was a pretty cool idea.  That person needs credit for coming up with that.  Past that, it's another movie about an alien race coming to earth to take over and they want our resources that the planet has to offer.  Nothing to go rush to watch right now but an ok flick for a relaxing movie watching experience if you don't have anything else you want to see right now.

Warner Robins has 4G

The official launch day was yesterday and it slowly spread around the city. 

It actually showed up Tuesday though in the main section of town.  Just so happen noticed it on my phone.  Of course I had to do a speakeasy speed test.  25 down and 3 up.  That's just plain awesome.

Needless to say when Thursday hit and I had 4G at my house.  I was excited.  Go unexcited when I got to work and was still on 3G.  However, just after 2 pm, 4G showed up.  Now I'm in a building that blocks wireless signals because of the metal frame around it.  It just click on and the first test I ran was slow to the point of 6 down and 1 up.  Waited till 3 and it was up to 16 down and 2 up.  It bounces around in the building and doesn't have a solid connection.  When I went outside, got 20 down and 3 up easily.  So being inside a building can definitely affect my signal.  Even just did a current test and got 8.19 down and .09 up.  Yea, definiely slow but I know the reason why it's that way and I can't change a building.

Either way, I'm ecstatic about having 4G.  Verizon is definitely moving at a fast pace getting it out.  Read that by the end of the year they plan to have 2/3 of the US done.

Oh and I'm using a Thunderbolt phone for anyone curious to know.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Operation Flashpoint - Red River

Finally starting to play this game more as my friends who were supposed to be playing it are finally starting to play it and wanting to play it.  So going to a review on my experience so far.

First thing we played in the game wasn't the campaign.  It was the Fireteam option.  It's basically a horde mode where the guys keep coming for waves.  Since we were confused the first time, we killed some guys, got back in the helicopter and flew off.  Popped some achievements but failed in the game overall for what all we were supposed to do.

Also keep in mind, we have never played and the controls in this game are not something you can just pick up and go.  Yes you can figure out how to fire and move around easily enough.  However, the options for the guns and knowing which one switches, being able to tell what you have in your hand (ex, grenade vs mine or claymore) and you think you're going to throw it, only to plant it and kill yourself you the designate it.  Some weapons have mods and you have to hold down Y to change to it and each part you can hold down X to change from 1 bullet a pull to hold it down and never stop spraying bullets.

So we finally did some campaign.  OMG!  The wait time from riding from one location to the next to do anything is driving me insane.  Nothing in this game is fast and I mean nothing.  You get to your spot, get out, move to the location you're supposed to be and then you wait for the guys to finally start showing up.  It feels like an eternity.  I'm not one to set still that long just waiting on something to show up.  I want in on the action and there isn't any action like that.  Needless to say, when you get to the mission where you have to wait on the guy to try to disarm a bomb in a car.  Yea, I walked up to the car and blew it up because I had nothing else to do.  So  if you don't have paitence, this game is not going to be for you.  At least in campaign.

Another aspect is the commands.  You have to tell your guys to constantly do what the game asks you to do and keep them moving.  They aren't always very smart.  Point to a wall, tell them to hold position and they run to the other side of the wall to hide.  Only problem is you pointed to the other side as the enemy is firing at you from the other side.  Needless to say they will die without some cover.

On top of that, the game will ask you to call in a ballastic shot or something of that nature.  I literally had to pull out the manual (which I've done quite a few times to figure out how to do something in the game) to figure out how to bring up what it is it wants me to do.  So your RB bring up your command and you have to hit LB to bring up all the other commands for strikes on locations.  Ok, well the first time it shows up in the game for you to do this, it asks you to hit and hold RB and LB at the same time.  Umm, doesn't work.  Needless to say, failed that part of the campaign mission.

You have to earn gold medals on everything for acheivements.  So of course that means bronze and silver are in the game.  Time is your biggest enemy for this as that's what takes so much of your time now.  The game takes everything so slow that getting fast times is near impossible.  It does help to have friends playing with you (4 players for everything) as the computer AI will die and not help you at all.  We definitly got faster times with 2 players and 2 computers.  So hopefully with 4 players, we can learn the map and knock out a fast time.  Will see how that goes tonight when I get on to play.

Now we did the Clean Sweep option a couple nights ago.  That is actually fun.  You drive up to your location, get out and arrows pop up on what to shoot, what to destroy or area to clean out.  You go destroy and clear out the area.  No waiting, you just go go go.  That I like.  Sucks you only have 4 maps for it though.

The best part of that night, which I was dieing laughing because of it, was when me and my partner were trying to find a guy in a building to kill him.  He was on one side, I was on the other.  We were walking in the same direction on opposite sides of the building.  Needless to say I just unlocked the shotgun in the game, so I was walking around with it.  I saw a shadow in a window so I turned and blasted not 1 but through 2 windows and took out the shadow.  All I heard was "What the hell just hit me!"  "Umm, that was you?" I said.  "Yep"  Was on the floor laughing so hard.  I had some mad skills for the shot, just too bad it was my partner in the game.  -4000 points for that kill.  Needless to say, we weren't going to get any high ranking medal this match.

So in the same match, you get to drive a humvee.  First time I got to drive in the game.  So I've been driving all over the map in it.  So missions over, I'm driving us to the helicopter for pickup.  I just keep getting stuck because it's so tight a road in this little city.  Plus I can't even run over a bush in the game without it stopping me dead in my tracks.  So my partner gets out while I'm trying to manuver round where I'm stuck and runs to the helicopter.  I get free and drive on.  Well, he's almost at the helicopter and I'm driving up as fast as I can, so I just jump out the  humvee and watch it keep going.  It goes and drives right over my partner cutting his legs clean off.  Needless to say I get on the helicopter laughing as he's waiting to get back in the game from dieing.  That was probably the most fun I've had in this game so far since I've started playing it.

So far, the game is ok but I'll be happy to 1K this game and get rid of it.  I bought the DLC already so going to be knocking that out as well.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Batman Arkham City

Well Best Buy had the game for $30 and my wife said don't pass up on the deal.  So I got an Easter present for myself.

The game is just as good as the last one.  Definitely seems like the world is a lot bigger.  The side quests are going to eat up some time along with upgrading everything.

Already noticed the one thing I can't do, just like the last game.  Combo punches.  I suck at it in this game.  Got lucky to finish the last one to 1K.  I might not ever finish this one as I'm just going to care enough to do it.

One good thing about buying it as a new game, I got the catwoman dlc for free as it's with the game.  Yea for saving some money on that.

The characters look good and enjoying the new ones showing up.

The game is going to be long and I'll be wrapped up playing it for a while along with all the other games I have that I'm playing right now as well.  At least to beat it and finish all the achievements I can to get it close to 100%.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lego Harry Potter Years 5 — 7

Out of the blue my kids got into wanting to play this game again and with me.   So we finally finished the story and can start unlocking everything.

Well now I've gotten back into and you can tell.   Went from around 28% of the game complete to stopping right at 80% last night.  Talk about unlocking all I can.

Some places still have me baffled in Hogwarts.   Still have a few places yet to go as well.   Trying to find all the red bricks without a guide. 

It's definitely an enjoyable game and just slightly better than the first one.  
I still have to go through all the stories again to find everything in them to get to 100% but that can be done with the kids as they enjoy that more than just running around Hogwarts.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

If haven't read The Hunger Games books then you're missing out.   If this 2.5 hour movie I'm fixing to watch is remotely close to the books, it's going to be fantastic.   You can't put the books down once you start as they suck you in that much.  I'm a little bit pumped to see this movie.

Edit:  Just got out and it stuck to the book really well.   Great movie.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Reserve iPad 2 Trade-in Price

Sell Your iPad 2 for More by Locking In a Trade-in Value Now [Selling]

This is actually a very good idea.   Two companies give you a time frame for your ipad on the day you register to trade it it.   It'll hold true for 21 days for one company and 30 on the other company.   If you're going to upgrade,  you might should go ahead and do this.   Especially since they say on March 2nd will be the day they announce it if they do.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samsung TV Having Issues

Well about 4 days ago my TV started clicking when I cut it on in the morning.   It eventually cut on but a TV shouldn't do that.

So I decided I'd research it online.   How about all Samsung TVs have the same issue.   After reading more into it, there are 3 capacitors that were put into the TV on a 12 or 15 volt charge that is needed.  In time the clicking on and off will take longer to cut the TV on and will eventually go out.  

Since its a huge issue Samsung will actually repair it for free.  Better them send a professional than me taking the TV apart to do it myself.   I've only soldered once before and I did it fix a Philips DVD player with the same type issue.   That DVD player worked better than it ever had.

So setting here typing this out as the guy is here currently fixing TV.   So ill have more years to come from my TV.

Google Glasses?

The Daily Beast: Google to Sell Display Glasses http://goo.gl/mag/ZNOSJ

Now this will be interesting to see.

Nothing Like A Few Hacks to Help You Out

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is the game I mentioned at the end of my last post.  I had read a review from a website and it just caught my attention.  I finally remembered to download it and it was 66% off this week.  So I picked it up for .99 cent.  Can't beat that for a game.

Kingdom Rush is another tower defense game but it is very impressive.  You have your towers and your roads.  You have an archer tower with 2 guys on top shooting, a barracks with 3 guys that come out to block the road, a Wizard's tower with one Wizard standing on it, artillery damage which is a massive cannon, a meteor strike to rain down terror, and recruits (farmers if you must) that you can keep putting down to help out.

I'm only 4 sections deep into the game.  On each part you have a Campaign mode, Heroic mode, and an Iron Challenge mode.  Campaign is obviously the story for playing through the game.  However, you must get 3 starts to unlock the other two modes on each part.  Both Heroic and Iron Challenge are hard to beat.  I did them all on the first two parts of the map, however, the next 2, I have only been able to beat the campaign.  The game has upgrades, so I'm going to progress some so I can upgrade my units in hopes that it will help me but depending on where you are in the campaign the game limits how how a tower and which towers you can use. 

Most tower defense games you can mostly breeze through until you get close to the end.  This one is getting hard already at the beginning so it's going to be a struggle to actually get all 70 stars in the game.

The game through in achievements as well so you can work towards those as well.  I'm up to 11 so far.

The only other tower defense game I've played that has gotten hard is Jelly Defense.  I love the colors in that game for the way they made them stand out.  The game play is good and you have to learn a good strategy in that game as well as this one.  Without it, you will lose for sure.

Spice Invaders

Before my trip to Colorado Springs a couple weeks ago, I had grabbed a new iPad game that was up on the front page for suggestions.  It was called Spice Invaders and it's a tower defense game.  Well, on the plane ride over, I loaded it up and I played through the first few boards.  It was fun but I stopped because you have to be online for it to register and update your experience to get your rewards.

So later on that night at the hotel, I fired it back up and collected all my stuff and went up a level.  So I started running through the boards and there are different ways to actually play each board.  So that helps spread out the games for beating it different ways.

One way was actually playing online.  So I load it up and randomly get someone else that is online playing and end up in a tie during the match.  It's easy enough to win the first 2 boards as it's 1vs1.

So I go back to clearing out the Americas and beat each of the ones that I could and the last one that opened up was set to hard.  Well I haven't been able to beat it and I thought I needed it cross over to Africa.  Just realized that I have it opened so I can continue on.  Guess it was my level that needed to go up for me to move on.

Here is what is pulling me back into the game even more.  I decided to do the 3rd map for the multiplayer aspect of the game.  It threw me off at first as it showed 5 slots.  Well 5 slots was no lie.  5 people trying to defend and take out every one elses guys coming out all at the same time.  It's mass chaos and I have won yet.  However it is fun and I'm still trying to grasp exactly how to place my pieces down as you have to be quick or you don't get any.  I can tell I need to level up as once all the places are taken, all you can do is level up your pieces.  Doesn't do much good when you've stopped and people around you are still upgrading to a higher level.

So I'm definitely going to have to play more to level up and get some more spice to upgrade my towers to have a slightly better chance of staying in the game longer for a win.

However, I had read about another tower defense game that I started playing as it went on sale this week for .99 cent so I'll try to post about that as it's a very good game as well.  It's also very hard.  So more to come on my next post for that game.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Onyx medal in GOW 3

I got my first Onyx medal in GOW 3 last night.  I kept seeing the field engineer popping up, so I guess it was counting down for me everytime I upgraded/repaired a device.  I got it the same time I upgraded my sentry gun to level 3.  Too bad we were on wave 20 and the board filled with gunkers.  They destroyed my new sentry.  8(  One thing for sure, in a wide open board like we were on, that gets rough as you can get hit from all directions.  The host quit after the 2nd try, so it killed the flow and I left as well.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iVisor for iPad 2

I got in a study for a new screen protector they were testing in the market.  It was for a privacy screen protector, one was glossy and one had a matte finish.  Both were descent products but still needed a little work to make them perfect for the market.  Waiting to see if they actually come out or not now.

Well by doing the survey I got an Amazon gift card and I used it to buy a new screen protector.  I got the iVisor.  You can get it over on Amazon for $30.  Which for a screen protector is not that cheap of a price.  I got my first one free and others I bought were under $10.

However, I will highly recommend the iVisor to anyone.  It's worth spending the money for this screen protector. 

First reason being, when it says no bubbles, by gollie, there were no bubbles.  I've never put on a screen protector that didn't have a bubble left in it.  I was pretty amazed at that.

The black layer around the protector blends right in with the iPad 2's black area.

If you ever spill anything on it, you can actually take it off, wash it and then reapply it back on.  Bonus for not having to buy a new one.  There is a part of the instructions that says do not bend it to where you have made a permanent crease as that will mess up the product.

It's actually pretty thick compared to the other protectors I've used.  So it's going to be pretty dependable for scratches or anything that would hit the screen.

Another feature that I did notice was the special EZ-Glide top layer treatment which reduces finger glide friction, making the touch screen maneuverability experience a lot better.  It does help pick up my finger movements really good and it helps it move the screen a lot faster. 

I've only had it on for a few days but I'm impressed right off the bat.

Xbox 360 Wireless N Adapter

Finally broke down and got a Wireless N adapter for my 360.  Just like the other one, very simple to install and the 360 picked it up right up.

Played Horde on GOW3 last night with it to test it out.  Normally I get some lag or I get delayed at one point while playing on the older 3G adapter.  I didn't run into any of that last night.  Makes me wonder if it is the new adapter with the faster speeds or just luck.  Will see as I continue playing different games online with it. 

It'll be a really good test when the 3G speed on my router drops offline.  Which is another reason I wanted the N adapter as my iPad 2 stays online and works on the N side of the house where all the other devices on G lose connection.  From what I've found so far on that, having 5 or more devices seems to mess it up.  Also, connecting our cell phones to it seem to make it crash extremely fast.  I'm not sure why but it does.

So now that the 360 is off the G and on the N.  Will see if Hulu hits any bad spots where it tries to keep loading over and over again.  Hopefully it'll smooth it all out and make everything work even better on my network.

Monday, February 6, 2012

No Gaming

I'm off on a 3 day trip so no gaming for a few days.

Well I guess that's not fully true.   I will be playing on my ipad or phone.

At least plants vs zombies is done.

I finished off my first run through in gow3 and got all the collectibles done thanks to Robert.  Arcade co-op on all levels is done as well.

Need to get back to some dead island again.

Was supposed to start operation flashpoint red river but john never showed so that killed that.

Need to focus on the puzzle arcade again so I can finish it off.   Realized I was half way through the 3 layer fractal puzzle so that's good to know.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plants vs Zombies Update

I've been down to two achievements in Plants vs Zombies for almost 2 weeks now.  I've been playing when I can.  That endless wave is a little rough.  I was trying to use a strategy on TA but it only got me 24 flags the 2 times I tried it, so I gave up on it.  You've got to have stuff to stop the bungee zombies.  If not, they will take your stuff and mess you up.

At the bottom of the post, he posted another picture of what someone else said was a better setup.  Plus it easier on cost to make happen.  I've been rolling through with it and I'm almost to that point where I hit 24 flags again.  It has been working pretty good and the cost to set it up was a lot lower than the other method.  So getting it fully setup early on helps out.  Definitely can't wait to see how much crazier it'll get after 24 flags and it's crazy enough already.

One thing I've been doing that wasn't in the picture was putting the spikes down to help stop the zombies on wheels.  When they come in, you have one laying down ice that also flattens everything it runs over and the other is throwing stuff to take your guys out at the back.  I put it on the 2nd row in from where the zombies come in but I'll probably add it to the front 2 rows when they come in as it will take them out quicker that way.  Plus it hurts the other zombies.  Only bad part is the gargantuan zombie that comes out will smash it with his club until it breaks.  At least it does help slow him down while everything else is taking him out.  Plus the spikes hurt all the zombies, so nothing like spending money to help me out more and not just setting there gaining and not spending anything outside of the ice plants to freeze the zombies.

Since I'm almost half way to where I usually get my brains eaten, I've been constantly using the ice plant to freeze all the zombies on the screen.  I'm glad to have that duplicate plant so I can put 2 down of the same plant as it helps being able to regenerate it faster.

The other achievement involves the tree of life.  I just sold my 2nd set of plants in my zen garden and used it all to buy fertilizer for the tree of life.  I got it up to 81 feet before I ran out of money.  I figured if I could make through endless mode and then sell everything else at that point, I should have enough to finish it off.

So maybe if I'm lucky, I'll finish this game off this weekend at some point if I can make it through 40 waves of zombies.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wasteland Empires Update

Well, I'm still chugging along on Wasteland Empires.  I'm fixing to start researching Tier 8 and they just released Tier 9 not to long ago.  So closing in on catching up with everyone.  I did catch up and pass my friend.  Not by much as he's just a few steps behind me on researching but he has more buildings down than I do.  Just a different way to play but I'm slowly building that up.  Big difference is I keep upgrading my stuff to get more people and he just put more buildings down upgrading a little for each.

One of main things I want to bring up is that now that I'm on higher tiers in the game, the amount of time and special parts slow you down in the game.  It's weird how I can get a bunch of one thing but my friend doesn't get any.  The game is random and you have to fight and hope to get the part you want.  I tried and tried to get a part and finally gave up and just bought the part I needed.  If not, there is no telling when or if I would have ever gotten the part I needed.  Sometimes buildings don't even drop anything.  All higher tier buildings in the game should drop some item and not just the resources.  I can understand the smaller more abundant buildings not dropping stuff all the time as you can take out a bunch during your fight.  But there is only 1 primary well, hall, barracks, and so forth.  Those should drop an item every time.  I go more times of nothing than anything, so that part can get you frustrated in the game.

I really hope they put more into the clan stuff here soon so we can see what all this will be about.  It might add a ton more to do in the game and it can already suck you in.  I know the game is beta but seeing the coming soon doesn't mean in 2 weeks.  It could be months and has been already.  I also wish the items in the world you can't scavenge would be opened up as well.  Having to build your town around those items, which some are pretty big (gas station for example), messes up any design you might have in mind or come up with.

They made a huge blunder recently on one of the updates though.  They made it where you couldn't train your troops if you actually in the game.  I'm sorry but I don't have time to set there and keep the screen active to build units to fight.  I could have been doing fights all day and yet I didn't get to fight any because they wouldn't train while I didn't have the game loaded.  I'm glad they fixed that as I probably would have stopped playing being forced to have the window open in the game.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wasteland Empires

Still playing this game.  They had made a change a few days ago where they forced you to be in the game to build your army to fight.  Well, that really blows as I'm not going to set there waiting on that.  My fighting time went down and I spent less time in the game than I did before.  Last night the game updated again and they fixed it so it does it offline from what I can tell.

The game is horrible about giving you what you need.  You might destroy the building you need but it might not drop anything out.  Yet that's the only building in the game that will drop that item and only 1 exist in each town.  This part of the game is the most annoying part.  Running out resources is rough and you are forced to fight and yet you can't get what you need.  So you get stuck waiting unless you want to spend money to buy it but if you keep that routine up, you'll sink money into the game.

I've expanded out a little bit more and there are more bigger items that you can't scavenge that say coming soon.  You are stuck building around them and if you have a layout for a town, it's going to mess you up.  I seriously need them to start opening that stuff up in the game or take them off the map.  They started small with a dune buggy and a tank.  Now it's gas stations and the top of a tall glass building from what I unlocked.  I know the game is beta but you can't leave that stuff locked like that forever.  They need to do something with those items.

They also need to get to turning the clan stuff on.  Most people have made clans yet there is only 1 person in them.  Need to open this game up and see what that has to offer so people will want to fight more.  Would help make the game more interesting and add even more to it.  That part needs to hurry up.

Gears of War 3 and New Headset

Started up GOW3 last night and the game hung up on me right when I picked up the money on the desk.  I had to wait until all the names showed up but I could never hit B to get it off the screen.  Had to start it back over to clear it out.  That was annoying.

The first seen with everything building itself reminded me of Alan Wake.  They so had to pull that idea from that game.

Was playing through with 2 friends last night.  They helped me find the collectibles as I was going through.  They wont' be there tonight, so I'll probably start missing them unless I pull up a guide to know where they are.

The new headset worked great though.  It didn't drop out any like the old one does.  I thought the plastic piece going around my ear would hurt after a while but it never did.  The piece that set on my ear did so I'm going to switch it out to see if that will help on that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gears of War 3, Sims 3 Pets, and new Headset

Finally got GOW3 today.  I'll be happy to load this up and start playing through it.

I wonder how much Dead Island I'll play now that I have this.

Picked up Sims 3 Pets when it was $20 just a few days ago.  Wife and kids are enjoying that so far.  No achievements have popped so that means it's not going to be easy to finish this Sims game either.

I also got the new Headset for the 360 and my phone.  I'll be happy to get this charged up.  The first wireless headset keeps dropping out and going to the TV and back to my headset.  Hopefully the new one won't do that and will stay connected.