Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM

Well I didn't see this coming and it came out of a closed Beta yesterday.   I've always enjoyed playing Yu-Gi - Oh! and this game changes it up but it is pretty fun to play.

Your deck is limited to 14 cards. You have only 3 monster card zones and 3 spell card zones.  No traps from what I've seen so far.  No more going into defense as you have to attack every round.   So there is not much on stalling but you can change out the type of deck which mentions defense but I haven't got to a point where I can or maybe would want to switch depending on the opponent.

The game goes through a story line and you have the option to read more as you go but I'm mostly just playing so I like that the option is there to not force you to read all the story bits.

One big thing to add is that they have power ups in this game in which you can activate during a duel and their is a good chance you will win.   During the tutorial it will have you put 3 down.   First takes 500 points off opponent, second increases all your monsters power by 2000, and the last destroys all your opponents monsters.   Definitely a win when playing all that.   However once you use them, that's it, they are gone.   I have earn 2 more in the game so far and they are different.   If you really want to have them you can buy them in the store and spend your money on them.   I don't plan to do that so ill hold onto what I have for now.

The only thing I didn't see is if their was a way to play against your friends online or not.   Even if the game doesn't have it I will still play as it's fun to play.

Update:  Here is the blog for everything in the game.  Looks you get to duel against your friends and get help from them.