Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little 3 Kingdoms

I bought this game about a week before I finished up Kingdom Rush.  I read a review and it caught  my attention enough that when 2 months went by, I still remembered this game when it came out.  I don't know what it is but tower defense games on my iPad are just fun to play.  I've got a few to play that I haven't played yet or need to go back to.  So since I actually paid for this one, I figured I better play it sooner than later.

This game is more about the timing of building your troops versus placement and upgrading.  Well upgrading your guys is also in this game but it's the later missions like 70+, since that's where I'm up to in the game right now, where the computer is really building an army bigger and stronger than you can keep up with.  The special guys are the ones that will help you the most.  I have all the guys unlocked but one guy you  have to buy his magic which is more than all the upgrades so I never bought one.  Well now I'm wondering if I should have focused on getting a couple of those instead of upgrading all my other guys as the 70+ levels have stopped me from progressing finally.  I've finally hit a wall that I can't seem to beat and not quite sure how I'm going to do it yet.

I guess it would help to explain how this game works.  You have your castle and the AI has his.  You build your guys that come out and they walk across the field to destroy the others castle.  So of course the guys run into each other and it's a fight to get to each side to take the other out on the field in between.  Some guys move faster than others and they all each have a special ability that gets upgraded and allows you to do it more than once once they've upgraded some.

It's very easy to play outside when you're trying to click on the guy you want and it won't select him.  That or you want off the guy and no matter what you click you can't seem to do what you want.  So the game has some touch issues and I'm sure anyone will notice this if they play as you will bang the glass trying to get it to switch.

The graphics are in HD and look really good.  Nobody will be disappointed with them.  They are brightly colored and the each of the background boards look nice.

Even the music is a little soothing but I'm growing a little tiresome of it.

Hopefully I can press forward and figure a way to beat this part to earn some more money or I might have to restart and try upgrading differently for these higher levels so I can proceed through better.

So check out Little 3 Kingdoms if you're up for a little castle defense.