Friday, June 24, 2011

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

I finished up Lego Pirates of the Caribbean last night. This is another fun Lego game you just gotta play. It's on par with the Lego Indiana Jones games for sure as those are just straight fun to play.

This is also by far the shortest Lego game made thus far. With only 4 stories and 5 chapters in each story, it doesn't take near as long to get through the game. The kits can be a little hard to find though. They did make some of those a little rough. Thankfully my friend Lady Death 13 had bought the guide and helped me find and figure out what and where I was missing them at.

So we also bought Lego Star Wars 3 this past fathers day. The kids have been playing it and I've finished up a couple missions for them. That is going to be one very long Lego game to finish.