Friday, December 30, 2011

Wife Got A Nook Tablet Today

Well the power cord on my wife's nook color came apart and it wasn't going into the slot on the nook very good either.  So took it to best buy with the warranty we had on it (which expired next month) to see about getting a new cable.  Of course they can't just do that so we have to swap it out completely.

Well I pushed the fact that we spent $250 on it but it's now $200. So I wanted the Nook Tablet as it was $250 now and the Nook Color was only $200.  Well it paid off as she got tired of me harping on it.   So we walked out with the tablet over the color.

There is absolutely no difference in the two items what so ever.   The tablet is newer so it should be a little faster than the color but that's it.   It's just funny to me that they added tablet onto it to try and drive more sales.