Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinball FX2

A few of my friends are constantly playing Pinball FX2.  I've owned it from day one but they have a bunch of tables out unlike how they did the first one on Pinball FX.  So I played it and figured I'd play the tables I owned to see what I would like again. 

Nothing was pulling my interest until I hit the Paranormal table (Which is a free table for anyone).  Actually got into the table and was enjoying it.  Actually kept playing and got all 3 achievements on the table.  Was excited about that and put a 20 mil score on the table.  I was pretty stoked but I figured I'd move onto other tables and start trying to get the achievements on all the tables while hoping for a high score along the way.

Currently I'm missing 10 tables.  To buy them all would take me 2240 points.  It's debateable to just buy them all but I think I might wait and try to catch them on sale to save some money.  So hopefully that'll happen sometime soon.  I will probably buy the new one coming out with Hulk in it here this month or next.  Can't remember the release date.  That and maybe one other table.  I'll try to hold off on the rest though.

So decided I'd start from the beginning and work my way over.  Wolverine was first up.  The ball on that table is just plane fast.  If you look away for a second, it's gone.  It seems to bounce out the side really easy on me as well.  I actually have 1 of the 3 achievements on this table.  The next 2 look hard to do.  It'll be luck the day I pull that off.  I played it for a couple days and that first day I did pretty good and put a descent high score.  I couldn't play worth a flip the 2nd day so I moved onto another table.

Spiderman was next.  The ball zooms around the table fast but it does slow down as it comes out fo the chutes from a drop before you can hit it.  So that helps some on this table but it still can get fast on you sometimes.  Played it 1 time last night and actually put up a high enough score to push me up into the top 10 list of my friends.  If I can get into the top 10, I'll be happy.  I did pop 1 ach on the table so yeah for getting 1 more in pinball fx2.  I got the ocutpus guy all the down from the back but then I lost the ball and he went all the way back.  Actually think I had beat the goblin at something but I lost the ball right after it happened so it cleared out whatever might have happened.  I'll definitely have to play this table again to see how I can do again.

Immortals and The Darkest Hour

Actually watched both of these movies last weekend.  I need to post stuff more when I do them than later.  Time, it's always a factor.

Will start with Immortals.  The movie was pretty good and enjoyable to watch.  It's got that 300 feel for the action and look, so that pulls me in already.  Story line wasn't too bad.  If it's not a movie you just want to see because it's not your type of movie, don't watch it.

The Darkest Hour was ok.  The idea for the aliens was a pretty cool idea.  That person needs credit for coming up with that.  Past that, it's another movie about an alien race coming to earth to take over and they want our resources that the planet has to offer.  Nothing to go rush to watch right now but an ok flick for a relaxing movie watching experience if you don't have anything else you want to see right now.

Warner Robins has 4G

The official launch day was yesterday and it slowly spread around the city. 

It actually showed up Tuesday though in the main section of town.  Just so happen noticed it on my phone.  Of course I had to do a speakeasy speed test.  25 down and 3 up.  That's just plain awesome.

Needless to say when Thursday hit and I had 4G at my house.  I was excited.  Go unexcited when I got to work and was still on 3G.  However, just after 2 pm, 4G showed up.  Now I'm in a building that blocks wireless signals because of the metal frame around it.  It just click on and the first test I ran was slow to the point of 6 down and 1 up.  Waited till 3 and it was up to 16 down and 2 up.  It bounces around in the building and doesn't have a solid connection.  When I went outside, got 20 down and 3 up easily.  So being inside a building can definitely affect my signal.  Even just did a current test and got 8.19 down and .09 up.  Yea, definiely slow but I know the reason why it's that way and I can't change a building.

Either way, I'm ecstatic about having 4G.  Verizon is definitely moving at a fast pace getting it out.  Read that by the end of the year they plan to have 2/3 of the US done.

Oh and I'm using a Thunderbolt phone for anyone curious to know.