Saturday, May 31, 2014

Clash of Clans Clan Wars

Clan Wars has been out for a few weeks now and we just lost for our 3rd loss.  We have been on a big winning streak though as we are currently 15-3 right now.  Earning the extra loot is huge and when you're winning and pulling in that extra loot for upgrading, losing really hurts.

Following certain rules when attacking make a really big difference in a war.

  1. Make sure your Town Hall is protected in the middle of your base with Clan Castle right beside it.
  2. Make sure the Clan Castle is full of your strongest troops: Dragons, Wizards, Witches, or Archers (Archers if your Clan Castle is extremely hard to get too).
  3. Try to make your Clan Castle troops hard to pull out so that you
  1. You have to 3 star all the lower bases.  No excuse not getting those and not getting those will make you lose a war very easily.
  2. Attract Barb King, Archer Queen, and flush ALL Clan Castle troops out of the castle.  Once they are out, pull to a corner and drop troops to kill them all.
  3. During war if it noticed the the clan has made the Clan Castle extremely hard to get troops out and they are filled with archers.  Make sure to bring 1 lightening spell with you.  Pull Barb King and Archer Queen to kill.  Once you have killed them, start your attack.  Only deploy half your troops.  Once all the archers have come out the clan castle and are closely grouped together, drop the lightening spell to kill them all or majority.  Then drop the rest of your troops to finish off the attack.

Those are some helpful tips for any clan dedicated and wanting to win at clan wars.  Make sure your members are active as if they are not active, then you will be missing attacks and that's less chance you will have to 3 star every base.

Dead Rising 3 + DLC

I finished up Dead Rising 3 a few weeks ago.  I've been very busy and lazy when it comes to posting on here.  I need to get back into a habit of posting again.

This is definitely a fun game and it's enjoyable to play.  Some of the achievements add a little bit of a grind but it's not so bad that you would skip by it as it's very attainable in a short period of time.  Like 1-2 weeks of grinding out all the massive zombie kills you need for example.

The DLC in the game was definitely intriguing and add some great stories that happened during your story line for how things happened in the city.  The only downside is it's not worth the cost and I got the season pass on it.  Maybe if it was half the price, then it would have been worth it.  It's not worth $30, that's for sure.

I'll definitely be looking forward to a 4th if the put one out but for now, if you're in a zombie killing mood, this game will fulfill your needs.


Disney did a great job on this movie.  The story is fantastic and everything in this movie was good.  Took the whole family to see it and I highly recommend it to anyone.