Monday, November 28, 2011


Thanksgiving is over and I'm playing a Facebook game called Castleville.  I really wanted to play this game as the makers from Age of Empires helped make the game.

I'm enjoying it but like most Facebook games, having friends playing along with you will help you get the resources you need faster or you'll be waiting to get stuff done with only a few friends.  You need 4 for sure to fill a barracks up.  So shoot for that number of friends to have as neighbors in the game for starting out.  Not sure how high that list will go the farther I get into the game.

It is neat and fun.  Looking for people to play it with me to help me get through getting stuff done faster.  I definitely want to expand the kingdom faster than I am now.  I actually have gotten ahead some of the quests in the game so I've had to do some things twice to get by quests in the game.

The game did crash and go down for about 2 hours one night.  I've some problems with it dropping my connection to the game and forcing me to reload the game and losing some progress in the game.  It's not too bad but when it happens 4 times in a row ion the same spot, that gets a little annoying.

So will how far I stick with this game and how much it pulls me away from my 360.  8)