Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jet Pack

This game has been in the Apple store for awhile but I've never played it.  Friends played it, told me about it and I just never played it.

Well my daughter gets it on her Kindle so I decided to download it and try to beat her distance in the game.  Took me a little bit at first but I beat it and then she beat mine and I beat her.  Now I've beaten my own score 3 times and the only 2 people on my Gamecenter that has it, I'm trying to beat their score now.  I'm just shy of beating one as I just went over 4000 km finally for the first time.

The distance was my focus but it's not just about getting as far as you can in this game.  The game gives you missions and you have to accomplish them 3 at a time.  So I've been working on them to finish it to see what happens.  So during my lunch hour I got the final one I was needed.  Once I got it, I cashed it in for a badge.  Looks like now you get to do it all over again to earn the next badge.  It seems they uped the ante though as you have to do more on this next set.  So I can imagine it's going to get harder by the end.  It definitely has caught my interest and I'm wanting to unlock more of the stuff you can do in the game.  It'll be one of my side games to play beside Clash of Clans.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney Infinity

Talk about mixing every thing into our enemy game.   This looks like fun for all ages.

You'll Be Able to Play As Jack Sparrow, Woody, Or Any Other Disney Character In Disney Infinity

Clash of Clans Town Hall 9

Well I've been saving for just over a week, fighting online to gain resources.  I hit up single player last night to gain on some resources and finally got up to 4 million in gold.  So I've officially started my upgrade to Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans.  Now I have to wait 10 days.  TEN!  The wait time in this game is the worse.  It's either that or pay for gems to finish it now which I'm not going to do.

I guess the more interesting part is going to be who shows up in my searches.  I thought the game went off trophies for who was in your range to attack in the game.  One of the guys in my clan says I'll be compared with more Town Hall 9's once I have it.  I find that hard to believe as I've dropped in trophies and I see Town Hall 9's all the time.  I'm sure I'll be able to still attack other levels.  If he is right, then I will have to strategize my attack more and can't just drop everything down to rush in and steal resources.  I might not never move up if I can't gain resources.  It will make the game more funr and hard if that is true.  It'll push me to get all my troops maxed out which will be a big requirement of exilir that I can never seem to gain on.  I'm going to have to change up my troop building and change how I take out towns from this point forward to gain more and use as little troops as possible.

I did get up to 1 mil in exilir last night but I spent it on upgrading my lightning spell to level 4.  I can make 3 but dropping 3 on the xbow didn't kill it.  I'm hoping with it being upgraded, I'll be able to kill it and then I can attack towns with the xbow since it won't pose a threat since it'll be gone.  Hopefully I'll be able to loot a little bit more if that's the case since all the towns I run across with high exilir have the xbow.  At least, that's my strategy if this upgrade works.  That's 3 days away to find out.  If it doesn't, I'll save exilir until I get 1.6 mil and upgrade my spell factory so I can hold 4 spells in which I know I'll be able to take it out then.