Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jet Pack

This game has been in the Apple store for awhile but I've never played it.  Friends played it, told me about it and I just never played it.

Well my daughter gets it on her Kindle so I decided to download it and try to beat her distance in the game.  Took me a little bit at first but I beat it and then she beat mine and I beat her.  Now I've beaten my own score 3 times and the only 2 people on my Gamecenter that has it, I'm trying to beat their score now.  I'm just shy of beating one as I just went over 4000 km finally for the first time.

The distance was my focus but it's not just about getting as far as you can in this game.  The game gives you missions and you have to accomplish them 3 at a time.  So I've been working on them to finish it to see what happens.  So during my lunch hour I got the final one I was needed.  Once I got it, I cashed it in for a badge.  Looks like now you get to do it all over again to earn the next badge.  It seems they uped the ante though as you have to do more on this next set.  So I can imagine it's going to get harder by the end.  It definitely has caught my interest and I'm wanting to unlock more of the stuff you can do in the game.  It'll be one of my side games to play beside Clash of Clans.