Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zombie Trailer Park

I was browsing around the apps on the iPad this last weekend and figured I'd just type in zombie and see what showed up. Quite a few things up there but Zombie Trailer Park caught my eye. Mainly because it was a stragety based zombie game. Don't see too many of those.

The small story is a zombie outbreak happened and consumed a city. Now they want to leave the city and take over your trailer park but you're not going to have it.

Now that you've got the story down, the board is laid out with your trailer park on the left and the city on the right. They both have a health meter that you have to take completely down to win. All the fighting happens on the road between the two locations.

This game straight copied Left 4 Dead on the characters. Basic zombies that keep coming in waves, big ole fat guy that smashes the ground with his hands (so he's a mixed boomer and tank), the hunter which looks exactly the same (which he does jump), and then witch that comes out running like hell killing everything in her path. The did add a catapult that catapults zombies across the screen to get them closer to your trailer park but that's about it.

Your defense and the stragety part lays here.

You have the basic redneck with a shovel that comes out to fight that costs $50 to buy. Then you can buy the redneck farmer with a shotgun for $200. After that you can buy moltov guy that is drinking the booze while carrying a cart behing him to throw the moltov for $350. Then you can buy a pickup truck loaded with a gatlin gun on top of it for $900. Finally but not least, you can buy the preacher who converts the zombies to attack themselves for $1500.

The stragety part involves what you buy when on being able to build those guys. The redneck is obviously what you start out with and you earn money after so much time goes buy. Now you can increase the time the amount of money comes in by spending $500. After about 4 of those the limit is hit and you get $50 about every 3-5 seconds I think. You'll be amazed how fast you use it though.

You can only have 5 guys on the screen when you start out so you have to buy trailers to increase it by 5. That will run your $250 each time. I've ran it up to 55 at one time and their doesn't seem to be an end to it.

You can buy the runned down old house for $1000 which lets you buy the redneck farmer with the shotgun. Which you have to buy if you want to bulid the moltov and armed truck. $1200 will net you the moltov guy and $1400 will get you the armed truck. $1500 will let you build the church, however to build the church you have to have all the others unlocked first.

Now for the special weapons or as the game refers to them, YEE-HAW points. You earn points everytime you kill a zombie. Once you get to 3000 points you can unlock a mob which brings out a bunch of rednecks and farmers to take on the zombies. If you wait until you get to 4000 points you can use the harvestor which is a huge farm vehicle that cuts them up and spews the blood out the back. It will run all the way across the screen and destroy anything it touches. It can't be killed. When you get to 5000 points, you can call in the air strike which lays down bombs from one end of the road to the other destroying all the zombies on the road outside of your own of course.

There are only 4 levels to this game and the difficulity increases dramaticly by level 4. I've only beat level 4 once after a couple hours of play. Level 3 took me some time to beat as well.

What I'm thankful for is they have the gamecenter on the iPad now. This adds achievements into the game. They have added some pretty rough achievements in this game which makes me want to play this game more to try to get them. It lets you take it beyond just beating the game which is why achievements are created most of the time.

So definitely a fun little game that can soak up your time if you're not watching the clock.

Dead Nation

I went and got some Playtion points last Saturday and bought Dead Nation. I've been wanting this game since the day it came out and I'm so glad I picked it up.

If you're curious to how this game is, take Zombie Apocolypse and make it 5 times better.

I can't help but reference everything to Left 4 Dead as that is what really pulled me into the zombie phase I'm in and everything copies this game in one form or another.

The graphics and details in the game are very good. They use the lights in the game very well as you run around with a flashlight. It gets hard to see what's around you and I get hit without knowing someone is even there all the time.

I've got to cover the enemies though as they did a good job on how they are portraide. For starters you have the basic human zombies walking around that are slow. You also have some fat ones that slowly pick up speed and start to run. Throughout the game, you'll run into more like fire fighter zombies, army men zombies (yes, they are carring guns but can't aim worth a flip), and mutated zombies that look horried.

Tthe first major guy I'm going to talk about is the Boomer. They did an excellent job with him as he literally is a huge fat zombie and his head is head is so small. When he sees you, he starts running and you can hear the flub a bouncing up and down. When you finally kill him, he will explode and anything around him gets blown away. That includes damaging, killing, and shooting anything that go any direction that way. Always cool to see the bodies go way up in the air and land off somewhere else. It can get pretty rough though when you have like 8 or more of those guys trying to get you at one time.

The tank is, well a tank. The main difference is he jumps and he can jump far. He literally jumps to where you are standing and if you're not moving, you're pretty much dead when he lands on top of you. He can't run very fast so that's your main advantage agaist him.

The next zombie is new and unlike the tank that walks on all fours. This guy stands up, is a little bigger than the tank and has huge blades on both his hands. Plus he's extremely FAST. Plan to get sliced up because if you don't kill him before he gets to you, it's over. He's rough to get away from and I'm constantly trying to use something in the street to block his path to me to slow him down.

I didn't realize how much of a pain this next one could be until the 9th board. The Screecher can be your worst enemy in the game if you let it. To me, it's literally a big mouth on two legs and no, it doesn't eat you. It screams or screeshes this awful noise. You can't miss knowing one is around when you hear it. Besides being an blood curling screech you don't like to hear, what it really does is call tons of smaller zombies to come get you. Now this isn't to bad but when there are 4 or more on the screen, you're confined to an area and they are behind walls you have to blow up just to get to them. Things can get a little rough. I definitely take them out as soon as possible otherwise I'll be trying to defend of zombies while they keep calling more and you'll never make it to them.

You will also run into these small little zombies with short stubby legs, round belly and a big sized brain. They shoot poison out their mouth at you. They usually come in a big pack so keep your distance.

The story line of the game is no different from any other you've heard. This guy is immune, doctor wants his blood but needs another as well. You go collect and you become experiment as well. Only difference is you have a pill to kill yourself, you do, the mutation has mutated and made you more powerful. So it ends with you killing everyone. Yea, spoiled that story for ya huh.

The other neat thing on this game is you can play online with another player in co-op which I plan to do as I imagine the next 2 difficulites are going to be rough considering I only played it on normal.

Along with playing you get to submit your kills and scores on the boards online to help kill the infection off. It compares all the countries to see who is killing the most off. It's pretty cool to see the rank of all the different countries up against each other.

If you have a Playstation 3, you can't let this game go by without buying it. You're so going to miss out on a great game. At least as long as you like the top down, shooting zombie type games that is.

Robin Hood

Took me two days to watch this but I enjoyed the movie. I liked how the end gives you the time frame of before all the other Robin Hood stories take place. They always start out at a certain point but this one is clearly what led to him becoming Robin Hood and how it happened. Shows it how things would truely have been back in the day.

If you got the time and can sit for two and half hours. Definitely worth picking up to watch.