Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oculus Rift Coming 1st Qtr 2016

I don't have a computer that can host this and I'm guessing its going to be the price of a console.  I can't afford a New computer and this.  Guess I'll be waiting a bit before I take this dive.

Here's The Final Oculus Rift, Coming Q1 2016

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Toy Soldiers with He-man Gi-Joe Plus More

I agree.  I might already be sold just because because the names.

He-Man And G.I. Joe In One Game? Sold.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Finally Have My LG G4

It has been interesting to say the least since last Thursday for getting my new phone.

To start off I preordered the phone from what I thought was a true Verizon Wireless store. Come to find out on Wednesday night that the phone was $50 cheaper on the Verizon site.  It was then that I found out the store I ordered from was an independent store because she couldn't fix the price.

So the following day when the store opened I called to get the price fixed. They can't adjust it. Imagine that. A $50 dollar cheaper phone lowers my bill and the taxes I pay on it.  I'm definitely not paying the price they sold it to me for.  Since the box wasn't opened and it was staring at me in the store, I cancelled the order.  Which required me to drive out to the store as they can't do it over the phone.  That was a waste of my work day I have to make up.  Especially since the guy couldn't do the order cancellation correctly.

Once it was cancelled, I was then able to place the order on the phone with Verizon because the real store in town didn't get any leather backs in of the phone.  Was told 2 day shipping and today makes day 4 that I finally get my phone.

Getting everything setup on the phone but took a few minutes to type this up.

So far it's nice but I'm more curious if the battery is going to last me all day or even 2 from what I've seen online.