Monday, June 8, 2015

Finally Have My LG G4

It has been interesting to say the least since last Thursday for getting my new phone.

To start off I preordered the phone from what I thought was a true Verizon Wireless store. Come to find out on Wednesday night that the phone was $50 cheaper on the Verizon site.  It was then that I found out the store I ordered from was an independent store because she couldn't fix the price.

So the following day when the store opened I called to get the price fixed. They can't adjust it. Imagine that. A $50 dollar cheaper phone lowers my bill and the taxes I pay on it.  I'm definitely not paying the price they sold it to me for.  Since the box wasn't opened and it was staring at me in the store, I cancelled the order.  Which required me to drive out to the store as they can't do it over the phone.  That was a waste of my work day I have to make up.  Especially since the guy couldn't do the order cancellation correctly.

Once it was cancelled, I was then able to place the order on the phone with Verizon because the real store in town didn't get any leather backs in of the phone.  Was told 2 day shipping and today makes day 4 that I finally get my phone.

Getting everything setup on the phone but took a few minutes to type this up.

So far it's nice but I'm more curious if the battery is going to last me all day or even 2 from what I've seen online.