Monday, December 22, 2014

Internet TV is Finally Getting Movement

The FCC gets to work on letting internet TV compete with cable

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Services as a Gift. Great Idea

Give the Gift of Premium Web Services

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanks MS, I Think

I got a free code from Microsoft tonight for Limbo.  An Xbox 360 game.  

Yes I still own an Xbox 360 that my kids play on but I own an Xbox One.  I play on the new console now.  Why would you send me a code for the older system when you can see I have the newer console.  

Thanks but no thanks for a game I'll probably never play.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fitbit Flex - 2 Lights, 1 Blank, and 2 Lights

Well, the first Fitbit Flex my wife got died after 4 days.  So we exchanged it out and 3 months later, it's not working. Been having issues but this time I saw that it showed 2 lights, 1 blank light and 2 lights before it went into try to charge.  There is nothing in the manual for this and finding anything online is even worse as nothing is out there on this.

After researching all I could, finally called the company to see what they would do.  With the device syncing up to their servers, they can see that the battery in the Fitbit is not holding a charge anymore and went bad.  They would never say exactly what those lights meant but I'm going to associate it with the battery going out in the Fitbit, which is therefore a dead unit and unusable.

We were past the warranty but they wanted a receipt for when it was purchased.  I didn't have it but knew the dates for when we bought it.  Since they can see that we were on our 2nd device and when we connected it to their servers, it shows the dates when it was done.   Since I knew the exact dates for when we purchased it, and they could see it in their system, they waived needing the receipt.  So we have a new Fitbit on the way.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Blizzcon 2014 Cosplay

Those are some awesome outfits.

The Coolest Cosplay from Blizzcon 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Xbox One Bundle

That's a pretty good deal of you don't own an Xbox One yet.

Xbox with Three Games for $379, PS4 Bundle for $380, and More Deals

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Looks like I need to go back and check this app out again.  I was using Google Reader until it went down.  Then I switched to Feedly which I have been enjoying.  

Flipboard gets a makeover and thousands of new topics

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet Little Deal

Amazon's New Chromecast Competitor Is Just $20 Until Wednesday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Well everyone is playing Destiny now but with all the games I've got to play and finish I have went back to playing Titanfall for some first person shooter action.

I originally played Titanfall when I got it but stopped when I got LEGO Hobbit to play it.  Before I stopped playing I focused mainly on finishing the campaign and that included winning once each on every map for both sides of the campaign.

So starting back into again I went to working on getting to level 50 for a re-up to get 2 achievements.  I also decided to start working on Attrition matches.  50 wins doesn't come quick and there are a lot of modes to win 50 matches in.  

As I closed in on level 50 I realized there was an achievement for unlocking all the guns.  It's not just the guns though, it's all the attachments for each gun including the Titans.  I had been using the Smart Pistol and the R-101C Carbine weapons for unlocking all the challenges associated with those guns. It was then I realized for each weapon you have certain tasks to do in order to unlock those attachments.  Since I hadn't really focused on unlocking all of them and only used a few of the weapons, I went ahead and re-up.  While working my way back to level 50 for a second time I will make sure to unlock all the weapons with their attachments.

I am almost to level 50 on Tier 2 with half of the weapons and attachments unlocked.  Im definitely not leveling up until I finish this off so I don't have to worry about it anymore.  That way I can just focus and use the guns I want to use each time.

I finished off getting 50 wins on Attrition and I just recently finished getting 50 wins on Hard Point matches.  Im currently working on Last Titan Standing and if winning 1 round counts for 1 win then I've got a long way to go in order to unlock this achievement.  Once this is done I will still have to finish Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter for 50 wins as well.  So I've definitely got a ways to go.

It's very hard to kill an ejecting pilot in this game as I've only killed 2 so far but I need 10 for an achievement.  Really wish I could boost this one some how.

Earning 500 burn cards will come in time along with running 5 kilometers along the walls in the game.  With everything I've got to do still, those will just come in time.

I'm still debating if I want to go for the Gen 10 achievement where I have to get to Tier 10.  Getting to level 50 again in Tier 2 didn't very long but you have to meet requirements in order Gen up.  I guess I'll see how far I get while finishing all these modes off to see if I care enough to finish all the achievements for the initial game or leave that last 0 pointer as it's just not worth going for.

The game is definitely fun and I'm still enjoying it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

CBS TV Streaming Service

Well, this kills Hulu from ever getting the CBS shows.  As many shows as I watch live on CBS, I will probably end up getting this.

CBS launches its own TV-streaming service for $6 a month

Monday, October 6, 2014

Naruto is Going to End

The Naruto Manga Ends Next Month

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Aww No More Saturday Morning Cartoons

I definitely grew up looking to Saturday morning cartoons.  It's sad that you can't catch it on prime time anymore.

This Is the First Weekend in America With No Saturday Morning Cartoons

Friday, October 3, 2014

Text Messaging fore Android

I declined to merge my SMS with hangouts when the option was first given but maybe I should give it a shot.

The Best Text Messaging Replacement for Android

Friday, September 5, 2014

IBM Racetrack HD Sounds Promising

IBM wants to kill the hard drive it invented

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fairy Tail

As of this last weekend Hulu has finally finished putting all of season 6 of the Fairy Tail anime up.  So I finished it and caught up on season 7.

I'm not sure why they ended season 6 when they still had a bunch more to do. shows it starting over at episode 1 but Hulu is still counting off from where it left off at.  Makes keeping track a little difficult when numbers don't match up.  

The story is still continuing from where it left off but something has definitely changed with this anime.  The fan sub has just grown where this show didnt focus on it.  They are getting stupid with it too.  Which I think is going to ruin this anime.  This was going to be another Naruto or Bleach style anime where anyone could watch it but that focus is going away unfortunately with this new season.  

The story has been really enjoyable so I want to see how it turns out.  Especially since they have brought real dragons into the show after all this time.

Friday, August 29, 2014

State of Decay for Xbox One

Awesome.   Can't wait.

State Of Decay Coming To Xbox One Next Year

Heat Map of Entire Internet

The Big Picture: a heat map of the 'entire' internet

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Need For Speed Movie

I got around to watching the Need for Speed movie a couple days ago.  I don't get what all the bad reviews it got were about.  I didn't read any of the reviews, I just know it got bad reviews.  I really enjoyed this movie. 

Maybe it's just because of my past but I think this movie is worth watching.  I went to bed thinking about this movie and couldn't get it out of my head the entire next day.  On my 2nd day and I'm still thinking of parts in the movie.  I'm also trying to control my urge to speed down the road right now too.  This movie will just make you want to go race.

This movie was also filmed in the town right above mine.  So when that scene showed up in the movie, I knew exactly every part of it as I've been through those spots quite a few times.  Was awesome to see it in a movie.

I'm going to have to watch this movie again.

Mountain Bike Update 3

Well I continued trying to get the gears right but I was unable to fix the gears.  I even got it to the point of the gear was falling off the chain.  So you can really mess this up even seeing what to do online.  So don't go overboard on adjusting the gears.

There is one bike shop in town that everyone knows but I just don't like the place.  They wanted $70 to get the bike right.  All I wanted was the gears fixed.

A friend of mine told me that a new bicycle shop opened up recently near him.  Looked it up and called him.  Explained everything and he told me he'll make it work for $15.  Told him I'd be there later that afternoon.

So took the bike and come to find out, the back part of the gear that hangs down was bent.  No way I would have known that.  He bent it back out and showed me this type has so much play in it is easy to mess up.  He showed me one he had in his shop and how much more sturdy it was.  You could really tell the difference between the two.  His was only $20 too.  He tweaked it and got all the gears changing properly.  He only charged me $15.  Told him I would send anybody I know there to him.  He was really knowledgeable on everything with bikes.

So I take the bike home and I have only one issue with the gears.  When I'm in 7th gear and I shift to 6th gear, it won't shift.  If I go to 5, it will go to 5.  Then if I go to 6, it will go to 6.  With all the issues I've had, I can just deal with this until something happens and I replace out those parts.  For now I've been riding around the neighborhood without any other problems.  From what the bike shop owner told me, this bike doing real mountain biking wouldn't last and something would break.  For what I'm doing, he said it was perfect.  So I'll eventually take it off road so I can see how it does.

Final conclusion if you buy this bike.  Take it to someone to get it tuned in properly after buying it.  even if it's $70 as it'll be worth it if you really like the bike otherwise you should just fork out the money and buy a $500+ bike where this stuff won't happen.  Well, it could but less chances of it happening.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mountain Bike Update 2

I got the parts for the bike in on Monday but I was thinking I was going to get a full back tire ready to be put on.  A quick take off and put on type of deal.  In the box was the rim and in another box inside that box was the gears.  The handles were in the box just bouncing around.  Good thing they are just rubber.  There were to big black round discs off the side on each side of the rim to keep it straight up and to help it from getting damaged.  If something heavy got on that box, it would have bent it pretty easily.

So I researched online for how to move the tire over.  It looks fairly simple to do if you have the right tool for the job.  Which of course I don't.  The guy at Wal-Mart said he would fix it if I brought it back in with the parts.  I called to confirm it and made sure he would be there on a day I could come.

When I took it in, he had it all swapped out in like 15 minutes.  It looked straight and I couldn't see any wobble in the gears.  I could tell that there wasn't enough air in the tire just like last time. I didn't say anything but I knew when I got home I was going to need to check it all out again.

Sure enough, he only put like 5 lbs of air in the tire.  I just don't understand how hard it can be to read the tire PSI and put 50 in as required.  So I pump up the tire and test the brakes.  They are way too loose.  I had to fiddle with that and finally figured out the pad was up to high on one side to the point it was hitting the tire.  It should be even on both sides and hitting the rim to stop.  Once I got that adjusted I had to get the left side of the brake to move out as it was rubbing the rim the entire time.  After some more research online I figured out how to adjust it better and now its set up perfectly just missing the tire all the way around.

Now the moment of truth arrives for the gears.  Take it for a short spin down the street and the front gears shift smoothly.  The back gears switch very smoothly as well until I went to gear 7.  It wouldn't switch to gear 7 at all.  So more research and I'm getting close to getting it to switch properly.  I ran out of time though and I need to get some time tomorrow to finish fixing the gears to switch properly.

I did switch out the new grips on the handle bar.  The new ones inside hole were a lot smaller than the ones I took off.  It took some twisting to get them on and they are very snug now.  They didnt move in during my fear testing runs but will see how they do when I go for a longer ride.

I'll post one more up update once I finish with the gears and give a good ride.  YouTube is your biggest friend if you need to figure out how to do anything on a bike.  Some things you can do but others you need the pepper tools.  If you dont have those tools, you'll need to buy them or take the bike somewhere to have them fix and adjust everything.  I plan to buy the tools later on when I have to fix something on the bike.  For now though I am using the store and company to fix the bike for no extra cost.  Outside of gas and my time.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Time to Download Malwarebytes

10 Malware Removal Apps Tested, Malwarebytes Comes out on Top

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mountain Bike

So I invested in a mountain bike to get some exercise in and to ride around with my kids.  I didn't have a bunch to invest so was looking at retail stores.  I did research and read reviews on a few bikes.  I ended up liking a Hyper Havoc bike from Wal-Mart. Here's a picture of the bike.

Green is my favorite color but they have black and blue for colors as well.  The green color wasn't available anywhere near my local area.  Plus it showed out of stock online.  The blue was out of stock as well.  Black is like the only color you can get.  Finally found a green one an hour drive from my house and that's when all the fun begins.

The bike was ordered at 7 am online to be picked up.  Order went through fine and it showed the bike would be ready at 11:40 am that day.  I should get a text and email that it's ready.  So 4 pm rolls around and I haven't gotten anything.  I called the Wal-Mart up and the employee tells me the bike is still in the box, it hasn't been built, and the person who puts them together has already gone for the day.  That didn't sit well with me so I asked to talk to the manager.  Told him the situation and he said the online store shouldn't put that information on the order.  He said I would also never get another email or text on the bike from them either.  He said he would send up a report to them in hopes of getting it corrected so it's not confusing for customers.  At this point I had 2 options: 1. I could go get the bike in the box and put it together myself.  2. I wait until tomorrow and pick it up put together.  Told him I would wait since they will put it together, plus I've never put one together before so it works in my favor.

I called the next day around lunch time and the bike is ready.  Drive up and get the bike with no problems.  Now is the part where reading the reviews online matter.  I knew from what I read that they never put the bikes together properly and I needed to check a few things. 

First thing I checked was the tires.  Every tire shows what psi you put in them right there on the tire.  It's not hard to figure out.  The front tire was at 25 psi and the back tire was at 20 psi.  The tire shows 50 psi on it so I had to pump them up.  The manager praised his bike person but now the doubts rise quickly.  I adjust the seat for my height which is just a clamp to hold it, so no problem doing that.  I get my kids and we go for a short ride.  While riding the bike keeps making a rubbing noise, the grips where sliding off the handle, you can hear the gears grinding and the gears are slipping.  I see the brakes are rubbing on the tire as it goes around.  Head back to the  house and I work on adjusting the brakes.  I can't get it right for anything so I spin the tire around and sure enough the tire is not straight.  You can see it going in and out hitting the brakes.  Read online this happens so I got a small wrench to try to adjust the spokes as I don't have the spoke wrench tool.  They make 3 sizes of those spoke wrench tools and the manual does not tell you what size you need.  (On a side note the manual doesn't tell you how to change the gears on the bike either.  You would think that would be something it should have?)  They run about $7 a piece so you would need to buy all 3 to make sure you get the right one if you try to fix it yourself.  Saw you could use a wrench but don't use any with the grips or you can mess up the spokes.  I own a small wrench but it slips even though it looks like it's turning.  So I ended up warping the tire more as some did turn but others didn't.  So now the bike is messed up to the point where I can't ride it.

I'm pretty frustrated so the next day I called the only bike shop in town and they charge $70 for a full tune up on the bike.  I'm not trying to spend more money on a bike that wasn't right to begin with so I call my local Wal-Mart, twice, as the lady answering the phone didn't have a clue.  Asked for the manager and she was more than helpful.  She told me to bring the bike in and her bike employee would look at the bike to fix it.  So I took off a couple hours from work to get the bike and take it to him.  Walked into the back with him and he is trying to adjust the brakes to make it work even when I told him the tire is not straight.  I had asked him earlier if he had spoke wrenches, which he said yes but I didn't see any around.  He never tried to adjust the spokes at all.  He finally said the tire was just bad.  He went and pulled a tire off another bike which was better but it still isn't quite straight.  It is better than the one I had though. 

While he was away I was checking out the gears in the back to see if they lined up properly.  While looking I saw that the chain was always touching this metal part that the chain went through.  Asked him if it should do that and he said no, it should touch at all.  He adjusted it some to to keep it off.  The other thing I noticed while he was gone was the gears on the back tired.  When you spin the tire, there is a wobble to the gears.  He said he had never seen that and knows it shouldn't be like that.  I was out of time and had to get back to work.  So I left the bike with him while he worked on fixing it.

I came back later that day and he had it ready.  Said he grabbed and replaced out the back tired but it did the same thing.  So the wobble is still there.  I called up the company since I can't find this green color anywhere else and I'm trying to keep the bike, not return it for a refund.  They initiated my 1 year warranty and are sending me a whole new back tire with gears.  I'm also getting new grips to replace the ones I have now.  They shipped it UPS ground so it's going to be a week before I even get the parts to see if this is going to fix it.  Good thing I get 90 days to return the bike back.

So while I'm waiting, I'm going to ride this bike to see if it's worth keeping.  I've rode it three times now.  Twice with my kids and once by myself.  After the first ride I realized the guy never pumped the front tire up to 50 psi and it was at 25.  So stupidly aggravating when I told him about it, yet he still did the same thing the other guy did.  So pumped the tire up like it should be.  He adjusted the front brake so good that if have to stop immediately, it literally stops the front wheel.  The back tire goes up and I literally almost went over the handle bars.  Yet the back brakes do stop me but are loose.  I can tell they are not right as the brakes almost touch the handle bar when I pull on them.  If they touch, they are not adjusted right.  So I'm going to have to adjust the back brakes to make them tighter.  I hope the tire isn't warped any where because if it's going in and out. I'll never get it adjusted right.  At least it'll be good practice before the replacement part comes in and I'll have to do it anyway.  I still think the front tire is not quite straight but it's pretty close, so I'm not messing with it.

After riding for 30+ minutes on the bike, the seat is definitely too hard.  My butt was starting to hurt and I was ready to get off the bike.  So if I keep the bike, I'll be looking at getting a new seat.

Another thing I already bought was a pair of gloves with my fingers exposed.  The grips on this bike dig into my hand and they were hurting the entire afternoon after I got done riding.  Having the gloves gives me padding and helps my hands out a bunch.  So yet another investment.

I'll post an update or I'll update this post once I get the new parts in and test out the bike with them.  If it's not worth keeping the bike as it's still bad, I'll be looking for a new bike.  If anyone has any suggestions on a good cheap bike, please let me know.

30 Free Apps on Amazon

I'm excited as I get Carcassonne for free.   I loved playing that game on the Xbox.

Amazon's offering 30 free Android apps to help make you a better person

Monday, July 7, 2014


Never thought I would play this game.  I just couldn't bring myself to play it because of the way the graphics looked.  However, my oldest kid got into it and now the younger one has as well.  We got the pocket edition of this for them to play on the kindle.  They are really enjoying it and seeing the stuff that they create is probably the most interesting part of it for me.

Of course they have watched some videos on it and we ended up buying the Xbox 360 version of it.  Which adds on a ton of stuff the pocket edition doesn't have.  I didn't find out an update is coming to add more stuff to the pocket edition but that's a few months away.

So I put it on my phone and created 3 places to live as I know they would join in once they knew I had it.  I started playing also so I could see what they were doing and figure out answers they kept asking.  Even though I ended up asking them questions all the time to learn new stuff myself.  Never thought that day would come this soon.

So they love joining my world for the stuff I've built for them to run around it.  They've been gone for the weekend so I've done a few things that they will have to explore to find.  I'm sure they will like them once they find them.

I'll definitely be buying the Xbox One edition when it comes out later this year.  I just hope they are smart enough to allow a Xbox 360 edition to connect to the Xbox One.  I know the Xbox One will be bigger but when you connect, you connect to that world, not your own so it should be able to handle it unless the code just isn't going to allow that to happen.  Guess will see.

LEGO The Hobbit

Switched over from playing Titanfall to get started on my LEGO Hobbit game on the Xbox One this weekend.  They've added a few new things as is with each release so it's not the same game everytime.

You'll definitely recognize the world you're running around in if you play the LEGO Lord of the Rings game.  I can it's going to be a little different but the same even though I'm still currently running through the story line. I've had to stop a few times just to take a better look at the graphics in the game.  The details are extremely good and you almost don't even realize how good they are just running through the game without paying attention to it.  They've done a suburb job on the graphics in this game.

One thing I'm noticing is that when you break certain objects, you get items out of them and not just coins this time around.  Running through the game you will hit spots where you have to use those items to build something.  Without them, you can't do it.  I'm only going to assume that when you're playing during a level that if you break all the objects you'll have what you need in the board at that time to do it.  However, outside of that, you can trade items for other items which means this could be a daunting task to get something if you don't have the materials needed.  You'll be doing some hunting around to say the least.  So far I've been trying to collect all I could along the way and I haven't ran into but 1 place where I didn't have an item that someone wanted.  The game told me I could only get it in a certain board and I wasn't even to that point in the game yet.  I just ran through it so I think I picked up what I needed, just not sure if I got enough of it, which will require a replay of the board.  Not like I won't be doing that anyway to 100% the game.

All the rest of the norm you're use to is back in the game.  So finding and collecting everything is going to be a daunting task as always.  I've finished all the rest up to the point, don't plan to stop now.  Plus my kids always enjoy playing these games so we keep them.

Sword Art Online

I started a new anime, Sword Art Online this weekend and finished it as well.  Got wrapped up in it to the point I just kept watching the next one. 

I guess what pulls you in is the fact that it's not to far off in the distant future.  They are using head gear to immerse themselves into a virtual reality game.  Only problem is when SAO comes online, the Game Master (Creator) came in and had turned the log off option out of the game.  All the head gear was built to where if they died in the game, they would die in the real world as well.  The helmets were designed to fry your brain for easy terms.

The only way to escape is t beat the 100th floor of this tower.  No easy task by any means.

It's definitely something worth watching as you can relate to it in the real world for how people act in MMO's online.

Sword Art Online 2 just started on July 4th and I've watched the 1st episode of that.  I'll definitely be waiting to watch each episode each week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Xbox One Youtube Video

Dead Rising 3:

Actually uploaded a video to YouTube from my Xbox One.  Just now set down to figure out how to do it

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

LEGO Titanfall

This looks cool.

World War II-Themed Titanfall Lego Diorama


♬ Just found Come With Me Now by Kongos on #SoundHound for Android.

The core theme being sung is really cool sounding.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rapper Trapper for iPad

A new Trapper Keeper is coming this September, and it's built for tablets

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Halo Spartan Assault

Well I finally focused myslef and finished off this game.  My friend Fafhrdd finished it way before I did and we started at the same time.

One thing that makes a difference is when you have played a Halo game and know what all the weapons are.  Fafhrdd knew them with ease.  I've never played a Halo game until now so I had to learn what gun was what.  That makes a big difference when going after the assault ops in the game as you have to kill per a type of weapon.  You mix up what it is and you will make no progress at all.  Which I did a few times and that drug this game out some.

This isn't the normal type Halo game though as this is a top down shooter.  I enjoy games like this as it's about dodging along with killing.  Well this game you dont dodge as much as you normally would.  You just can't avoid the shots coming and that's why you have a shield.  If you gotta run to recharge the shield, get to cover and recharge it.

It was pretty fun to play but having to replay the assault ops missions over and over to earn some ops got to be a little bit ridicilious. 

One thing they really screwed up on this game was the multiplayer.  You can't run through the campaign with any of your friends.  Instead you have 5 co-op boards you get to play.  Yep, just five.  So once you knock out the achievements pertaining to that, it's done.  Come on, this is supposed to be about having fun online with friends and they didnt give you any fun at all outside your first run through on those five missions.

I hope everyone picked it up as the free game this month as I bought it when it went on sale a month or two back.  I think  I'll be waiting to buy any more arcade games with the limited selection up right now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amazon Free Music Streaming

Gotta love how companies quietly do things.   Well see how much this gets used.  I'm definitely gonna check it out.

Amazon Unveils Amazon Music, a New Ad-Free Streaming Service

Disney Princesses in Counterpart Clothes

This guy did a really good job flipping these around. 

Disney Princesses, Dressed as Their Dude Companions

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cook Hotdogs in a Pringles Can

That is just cool!

Cook Hot Dogs with a Pringles Can

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Clash of Clans Clan Wars

Clan Wars has been out for a few weeks now and we just lost for our 3rd loss.  We have been on a big winning streak though as we are currently 15-3 right now.  Earning the extra loot is huge and when you're winning and pulling in that extra loot for upgrading, losing really hurts.

Following certain rules when attacking make a really big difference in a war.

  1. Make sure your Town Hall is protected in the middle of your base with Clan Castle right beside it.
  2. Make sure the Clan Castle is full of your strongest troops: Dragons, Wizards, Witches, or Archers (Archers if your Clan Castle is extremely hard to get too).
  3. Try to make your Clan Castle troops hard to pull out so that you
  1. You have to 3 star all the lower bases.  No excuse not getting those and not getting those will make you lose a war very easily.
  2. Attract Barb King, Archer Queen, and flush ALL Clan Castle troops out of the castle.  Once they are out, pull to a corner and drop troops to kill them all.
  3. During war if it noticed the the clan has made the Clan Castle extremely hard to get troops out and they are filled with archers.  Make sure to bring 1 lightening spell with you.  Pull Barb King and Archer Queen to kill.  Once you have killed them, start your attack.  Only deploy half your troops.  Once all the archers have come out the clan castle and are closely grouped together, drop the lightening spell to kill them all or majority.  Then drop the rest of your troops to finish off the attack.

Those are some helpful tips for any clan dedicated and wanting to win at clan wars.  Make sure your members are active as if they are not active, then you will be missing attacks and that's less chance you will have to 3 star every base.

Dead Rising 3 + DLC

I finished up Dead Rising 3 a few weeks ago.  I've been very busy and lazy when it comes to posting on here.  I need to get back into a habit of posting again.

This is definitely a fun game and it's enjoyable to play.  Some of the achievements add a little bit of a grind but it's not so bad that you would skip by it as it's very attainable in a short period of time.  Like 1-2 weeks of grinding out all the massive zombie kills you need for example.

The DLC in the game was definitely intriguing and add some great stories that happened during your story line for how things happened in the city.  The only downside is it's not worth the cost and I got the season pass on it.  Maybe if it was half the price, then it would have been worth it.  It's not worth $30, that's for sure.

I'll definitely be looking forward to a 4th if the put one out but for now, if you're in a zombie killing mood, this game will fulfill your needs.


Disney did a great job on this movie.  The story is fantastic and everything in this movie was good.  Took the whole family to see it and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Xbox One June Update

More updates for stuff that should have already been a day one release.  Maybe by Christmas, 1 year later, will have the box we're supposed to have had on day one.

June Xbox One Update Adds Real Name Support And Other Handy Options

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clash of Clans Clan Wars

Well how about that.  After all this time, the Clash of Clans game is actually going to have Clan Wars.  You would think it being in the title already it would be a part of the game but it never has been.  I'm happy, along with everyone else, that this is finally coming.

I've been watching some videos and it's looking pretty good.  The part I think will be the hardest is actually making sure everyone in the clan attacks the appropriate level.  It has a recommended base to attack but if you can beat a higher one, you should but we have to hit all the bases to win the most stars to earn all the loot we get.

One thing that hasn't been said yet is if donating troops to the clan side will boost your donations for the week.  I hope it does but nobody has given that answer that I've seen.

So today I've got to redesign my village to protect my town hall to try and stop the other clans from getting 3 stars on my base.  I'll post my updated village once I got it done and know it's working.

We've got some new members in our clan so I've updated the clan listing to show who the new people are and removing some who left.

Also promoted QD to Co-Leader.  He'll be able to help me and Ben out in the clan for sure.

Friday, March 28, 2014

2 Guns

I set down to watch this movie a couple days ago and I actually enjoyed it.  The main reason being the way the actors talk to each other throughout the movie.  It's just comical as they never let up.  They stuck to their roles very good. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Awesome, Stallion83 Hit 1 million Achievements

Meet The First Gamer To Get One Million Achievement Points

5 Sec Rule is Legit

The Five-Second Rule Is Now Supported by Actual Scientific Evidence

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update Your Xbox One Controllers

I looked over the updates coming out but I did not see this until a friend told me about it.  Your Xbox One controller has an update and you have to do it manually.  Following the directions from Engadget to update it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What the Xbox One March Update has

​This Month's Xbox One Console Update Changes At Least 15 Things

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Xbox One Music Videos

Slowly but surely we getting features back we are missing from the 360.  Today we get some music videos.

Pretend it's 1994: music videos now available on Xbox One

Friday, February 14, 2014

Xbox One Update Is Finally Here

It's only a few days late but at least now I'll be able to look and see if my battery is about to die.

First Xbox One update goes live

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dead Rising 3

I was enjoying the game but I trailed off playing other games. Thanks to my friend Fafhrdd buying the game, I was re-energized to played again. So I finished the story off and I jumped into his game to help him as he went through it. This game is so much fun and the more we play, the funnier it gets. Mainly because you start learning how to do all these crazy moves and you get more weapons to play with. It's just fun. It's really nice in co-op as you both gain items if either player picks it up. So you can both be collecting different items, clearing Survior challenges, and anything else. The only thing the game isn't good about is the achievements for this part. All you have to do is load up a chapter on your game and any achievements waiting to pop will all pop up with no issues. If you like killing zombies, mix and match items to create weapons. This game is definitely worth buying. We're debating if we're going to hold onto for the DLC now.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Top 6 Gaming Headsets

I've never used a gaming headset but obviously there are some good ones out there.

Top 6 Gaming Headsets

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Xbox One Update Coming Feb 11th and Mar

I was just talking to a friend yesterday how I couldn't tell how much batter life was left on my controllers like I could on the Xbox 360. Sure enough, this update will add that feature back in along with some more updates. I'll be happy they are finally splitting up the apps and games. It's a pain trying to navigate through everything to get what you want when it's just a game.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Remote to Your Computer From Anywhere

Good article on the many different ways to remote to your computer from anywhere.
Use Your Computer From Anywhere: A Guide to Remote Controlling Your PC

Thursday, January 23, 2014

To The Death

A good friend of mine is developing this game and the kickstarter for it has already started. Please check out the game and if you like it, lets help him make it to the goal of creating this game.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Google Hidden Tricks

Had no idea Google did some of these tricks.

​A Bunch Of Google's Coolest Hidden Tricks, In One Video"

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ninja Swipe to Prevent Soda Bottles From Fizzing Over

"Prevent Soda Bottles from Fizzing Over with a Ninja Swipe"