Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mountain Bike Update 3

Well I continued trying to get the gears right but I was unable to fix the gears.  I even got it to the point of the gear was falling off the chain.  So you can really mess this up even seeing what to do online.  So don't go overboard on adjusting the gears.

There is one bike shop in town that everyone knows but I just don't like the place.  They wanted $70 to get the bike right.  All I wanted was the gears fixed.

A friend of mine told me that a new bicycle shop opened up recently near him.  Looked it up and called him.  Explained everything and he told me he'll make it work for $15.  Told him I'd be there later that afternoon.

So took the bike and come to find out, the back part of the gear that hangs down was bent.  No way I would have known that.  He bent it back out and showed me this type has so much play in it is easy to mess up.  He showed me one he had in his shop and how much more sturdy it was.  You could really tell the difference between the two.  His was only $20 too.  He tweaked it and got all the gears changing properly.  He only charged me $15.  Told him I would send anybody I know there to him.  He was really knowledgeable on everything with bikes.

So I take the bike home and I have only one issue with the gears.  When I'm in 7th gear and I shift to 6th gear, it won't shift.  If I go to 5, it will go to 5.  Then if I go to 6, it will go to 6.  With all the issues I've had, I can just deal with this until something happens and I replace out those parts.  For now I've been riding around the neighborhood without any other problems.  From what the bike shop owner told me, this bike doing real mountain biking wouldn't last and something would break.  For what I'm doing, he said it was perfect.  So I'll eventually take it off road so I can see how it does.

Final conclusion if you buy this bike.  Take it to someone to get it tuned in properly after buying it.  even if it's $70 as it'll be worth it if you really like the bike otherwise you should just fork out the money and buy a $500+ bike where this stuff won't happen.  Well, it could but less chances of it happening.