Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse

This game was on sale this week for half price on the Xbox Live arcade. I just got through beating WOTB:C3 and this looked like another SHUMP worth playing. So I downloaded the demo and it's WOTB:C3 meets L4D. I was pretty amazed on the fact it reminded me of L4D and the concept of the game was probably taken from it.

So after firing up the demo, the game is a blast and looks to be a lot of fun. Plus it's 4 player co-op as well. So I get to have fun with 3 more of my friends while playing. So sent out a comment over on 360 Voice to see who all is going to buy the game and got around 10 people that were going to buy it or had it already. So setup a date for Friday night to rock out to this game.

You are confined to an area so most of the time you can see your team unless you're just on the opposite ends of the board, then you'll be wondering where they are as you won't be able to see them and fighting through the horde of zombie's coming out of the ground, walls, under vehicles, and wherever there is an object on the board.

So Friday night finally makes it here and started out with Fragemandsmile, Sith Rick, and Lady Death 13. As soon as we got to board 4 though, the last member of a GOW boosting member showed up so Lady Death 13 left on day 7. So we exited out, pulled in SmokenRocket and proceed to kick some more zombie butt.

Getting the achievements isn't really to hard as I got all but the final one where you beat it on a setting you unlock while playing the game called "7 Day's of Hell" which is crazy. The only achievement someone might not get outside of that is the save 25 survivors which means you need to continue playing so you can rescue enough or the next time you load the game, you'll have to do 25 in a run again.

You actually play through 55 boards and new zombie's appear all the way up to board 29 when you finally get your last weapon in the game as well. It gets rough but you do have unlimited continues once everyone dies. So it's more of a time issue than anything and actually playing with some descent people or you'll die constantly by the zombies. One hit with a knife by granny, Big Boy falling on you and flattening you like a pancake, the kamikaze just blowing you up or the overwhelming horde with spitters, side walking crazy zombies and normal ones. It does get pretty hairy.

I was being a huge commentator on what was happening to everyone and talking smack for getting more kills than everyone. Not tooting my horn but it was funny. One of the funniest parts was on board 53, I was the only one left alive while everyone else was deceased. I went forever without dieing but the horde just didn't stop. Finally died and everyone came back in. When the match ended, I had enough kills by myself to match my 3 partners. Couldn't believe I stayed alive for that long. So after that, they were saying they were just gonna set back and let me take care of the rest and it was about time I pulled my weight. haha Ended up being a really fun night.

I actually did them a favor as I had to stop and go to bed and couldn't finish up the last achievement. We made it to board 4 of 7 on the 7 Days of Hell mode. It's a really hard and long run for each day. The amount of Zombie's is relentless and just when you think it might be over, more come. So the favor I did was finish board 5 and 6 today. So tonight will can just do day 7 and kill about 3800 Zombies to get the achievement.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It Officially Begins

This is my first blog ever and something I'm going to try to start updating and slowly get a bunch of sites up and going to reflect and show everything going on. Considering I'm using my gamer tag that most people know me by, it will be probably more focused on gaming stuff than anything else.

Hopefully I can eventually get my own site up and running and pull post from here that I make to show up on that site. I have a few ideas and stuff I want to do but I really need to get myself back into programming. I think I need to jump into as most companies use this and it will be to my advantage to learn and get a job with it later on.

I had a forum up on a friends site but when it went down, he never brought it back up so everyone that just got into using it to its fullest got cut off and we lost a bunch of our stuff and maybe one day we can get it back or I'll just start from scratch on a new forum and try to get one up and going again.

So in the end, I've got to dedicate some time to this and drop some gaming or this won't happen.

So hopefully this will work out for the best.