Friday, May 7, 2010

It Officially Begins

This is my first blog ever and something I'm going to try to start updating and slowly get a bunch of sites up and going to reflect and show everything going on. Considering I'm using my gamer tag that most people know me by, it will be probably more focused on gaming stuff than anything else.

Hopefully I can eventually get my own site up and running and pull post from here that I make to show up on that site. I have a few ideas and stuff I want to do but I really need to get myself back into programming. I think I need to jump into as most companies use this and it will be to my advantage to learn and get a job with it later on.

I had a forum up on a friends site but when it went down, he never brought it back up so everyone that just got into using it to its fullest got cut off and we lost a bunch of our stuff and maybe one day we can get it back or I'll just start from scratch on a new forum and try to get one up and going again.

So in the end, I've got to dedicate some time to this and drop some gaming or this won't happen.

So hopefully this will work out for the best.