Monday, January 17, 2011

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

This finally came in via Netflix and got to watch this movie.

I'll start off and just this is an ok movie. Nothing you've gotta see right now and I can see why it didn't do so good at the box office.

While you're watching you'll be debating whether it's worth watching or not as some parts pull you in and the rest doesn't. If you have ever watched any Anime, you always look forward the fight scenes as that's where the action is. Well, this pretty much falls into that theme for me. The best parts of the movie were watching the fights.

Now granted, them throwing in subtle things game like in a real world scenario was a neat idea but it won't pull you in quite enough. It jumps at the beginning like the guy is outta his head, so that didn't help either but you got what they were trying to emphasize on how a girl can really mess with your head during a breakup.

The lines in the movie are very cheesy but has its subtle humor as long as you catch it. Trying to tell a girl you love her but saying, "I Love Lesbian's Too" just won't work out the way you think it would.

I haven't bought the game but it might be better to own than owning this movie. Someone will have to let me know on the game as I don't plan to get it unless it drops to like 400 MS points or less.