Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Well everyone is playing Destiny now but with all the games I've got to play and finish I have went back to playing Titanfall for some first person shooter action.

I originally played Titanfall when I got it but stopped when I got LEGO Hobbit to play it.  Before I stopped playing I focused mainly on finishing the campaign and that included winning once each on every map for both sides of the campaign.

So starting back into again I went to working on getting to level 50 for a re-up to get 2 achievements.  I also decided to start working on Attrition matches.  50 wins doesn't come quick and there are a lot of modes to win 50 matches in.  

As I closed in on level 50 I realized there was an achievement for unlocking all the guns.  It's not just the guns though, it's all the attachments for each gun including the Titans.  I had been using the Smart Pistol and the R-101C Carbine weapons for unlocking all the challenges associated with those guns. It was then I realized for each weapon you have certain tasks to do in order to unlock those attachments.  Since I hadn't really focused on unlocking all of them and only used a few of the weapons, I went ahead and re-up.  While working my way back to level 50 for a second time I will make sure to unlock all the weapons with their attachments.

I am almost to level 50 on Tier 2 with half of the weapons and attachments unlocked.  Im definitely not leveling up until I finish this off so I don't have to worry about it anymore.  That way I can just focus and use the guns I want to use each time.

I finished off getting 50 wins on Attrition and I just recently finished getting 50 wins on Hard Point matches.  Im currently working on Last Titan Standing and if winning 1 round counts for 1 win then I've got a long way to go in order to unlock this achievement.  Once this is done I will still have to finish Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter for 50 wins as well.  So I've definitely got a ways to go.

It's very hard to kill an ejecting pilot in this game as I've only killed 2 so far but I need 10 for an achievement.  Really wish I could boost this one some how.

Earning 500 burn cards will come in time along with running 5 kilometers along the walls in the game.  With everything I've got to do still, those will just come in time.

I'm still debating if I want to go for the Gen 10 achievement where I have to get to Tier 10.  Getting to level 50 again in Tier 2 didn't very long but you have to meet requirements in order Gen up.  I guess I'll see how far I get while finishing all these modes off to see if I care enough to finish all the achievements for the initial game or leave that last 0 pointer as it's just not worth going for.

The game is definitely fun and I'm still enjoying it.