Monday, July 7, 2014


Never thought I would play this game.  I just couldn't bring myself to play it because of the way the graphics looked.  However, my oldest kid got into it and now the younger one has as well.  We got the pocket edition of this for them to play on the kindle.  They are really enjoying it and seeing the stuff that they create is probably the most interesting part of it for me.

Of course they have watched some videos on it and we ended up buying the Xbox 360 version of it.  Which adds on a ton of stuff the pocket edition doesn't have.  I didn't find out an update is coming to add more stuff to the pocket edition but that's a few months away.

So I put it on my phone and created 3 places to live as I know they would join in once they knew I had it.  I started playing also so I could see what they were doing and figure out answers they kept asking.  Even though I ended up asking them questions all the time to learn new stuff myself.  Never thought that day would come this soon.

So they love joining my world for the stuff I've built for them to run around it.  They've been gone for the weekend so I've done a few things that they will have to explore to find.  I'm sure they will like them once they find them.

I'll definitely be buying the Xbox One edition when it comes out later this year.  I just hope they are smart enough to allow a Xbox 360 edition to connect to the Xbox One.  I know the Xbox One will be bigger but when you connect, you connect to that world, not your own so it should be able to handle it unless the code just isn't going to allow that to happen.  Guess will see.