Monday, July 7, 2014

Sword Art Online

I started a new anime, Sword Art Online this weekend and finished it as well.  Got wrapped up in it to the point I just kept watching the next one. 

I guess what pulls you in is the fact that it's not to far off in the distant future.  They are using head gear to immerse themselves into a virtual reality game.  Only problem is when SAO comes online, the Game Master (Creator) came in and had turned the log off option out of the game.  All the head gear was built to where if they died in the game, they would die in the real world as well.  The helmets were designed to fry your brain for easy terms.

The only way to escape is t beat the 100th floor of this tower.  No easy task by any means.

It's definitely something worth watching as you can relate to it in the real world for how people act in MMO's online.

Sword Art Online 2 just started on July 4th and I've watched the 1st episode of that.  I'll definitely be waiting to watch each episode each week.