Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dead Rising 3

I was enjoying the game but I trailed off playing other games. Thanks to my friend Fafhrdd buying the game, I was re-energized to played again. So I finished the story off and I jumped into his game to help him as he went through it. This game is so much fun and the more we play, the funnier it gets. Mainly because you start learning how to do all these crazy moves and you get more weapons to play with. It's just fun. It's really nice in co-op as you both gain items if either player picks it up. So you can both be collecting different items, clearing Survior challenges, and anything else. The only thing the game isn't good about is the achievements for this part. All you have to do is load up a chapter on your game and any achievements waiting to pop will all pop up with no issues. If you like killing zombies, mix and match items to create weapons. This game is definitely worth buying. We're debating if we're going to hold onto for the DLC now.