Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clash of Clans Clan Wars

Well how about that.  After all this time, the Clash of Clans game is actually going to have Clan Wars.  You would think it being in the title already it would be a part of the game but it never has been.  I'm happy, along with everyone else, that this is finally coming.

I've been watching some videos and it's looking pretty good.  The part I think will be the hardest is actually making sure everyone in the clan attacks the appropriate level.  It has a recommended base to attack but if you can beat a higher one, you should but we have to hit all the bases to win the most stars to earn all the loot we get.

One thing that hasn't been said yet is if donating troops to the clan side will boost your donations for the week.  I hope it does but nobody has given that answer that I've seen.

So today I've got to redesign my village to protect my town hall to try and stop the other clans from getting 3 stars on my base.  I'll post my updated village once I got it done and know it's working.

We've got some new members in our clan so I've updated the clan listing to show who the new people are and removing some who left.

Also promoted QD to Co-Leader.  He'll be able to help me and Ben out in the clan for sure.