Sunday, June 22, 2014

Halo Spartan Assault

Well I finally focused myslef and finished off this game.  My friend Fafhrdd finished it way before I did and we started at the same time.

One thing that makes a difference is when you have played a Halo game and know what all the weapons are.  Fafhrdd knew them with ease.  I've never played a Halo game until now so I had to learn what gun was what.  That makes a big difference when going after the assault ops in the game as you have to kill per a type of weapon.  You mix up what it is and you will make no progress at all.  Which I did a few times and that drug this game out some.

This isn't the normal type Halo game though as this is a top down shooter.  I enjoy games like this as it's about dodging along with killing.  Well this game you dont dodge as much as you normally would.  You just can't avoid the shots coming and that's why you have a shield.  If you gotta run to recharge the shield, get to cover and recharge it.

It was pretty fun to play but having to replay the assault ops missions over and over to earn some ops got to be a little bit ridicilious. 

One thing they really screwed up on this game was the multiplayer.  You can't run through the campaign with any of your friends.  Instead you have 5 co-op boards you get to play.  Yep, just five.  So once you knock out the achievements pertaining to that, it's done.  Come on, this is supposed to be about having fun online with friends and they didnt give you any fun at all outside your first run through on those five missions.

I hope everyone picked it up as the free game this month as I bought it when it went on sale a month or two back.  I think  I'll be waiting to buy any more arcade games with the limited selection up right now.