Friday, April 20, 2012

Warner Robins has 4G

The official launch day was yesterday and it slowly spread around the city. 

It actually showed up Tuesday though in the main section of town.  Just so happen noticed it on my phone.  Of course I had to do a speakeasy speed test.  25 down and 3 up.  That's just plain awesome.

Needless to say when Thursday hit and I had 4G at my house.  I was excited.  Go unexcited when I got to work and was still on 3G.  However, just after 2 pm, 4G showed up.  Now I'm in a building that blocks wireless signals because of the metal frame around it.  It just click on and the first test I ran was slow to the point of 6 down and 1 up.  Waited till 3 and it was up to 16 down and 2 up.  It bounces around in the building and doesn't have a solid connection.  When I went outside, got 20 down and 3 up easily.  So being inside a building can definitely affect my signal.  Even just did a current test and got 8.19 down and .09 up.  Yea, definiely slow but I know the reason why it's that way and I can't change a building.

Either way, I'm ecstatic about having 4G.  Verizon is definitely moving at a fast pace getting it out.  Read that by the end of the year they plan to have 2/3 of the US done.

Oh and I'm using a Thunderbolt phone for anyone curious to know.