Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Batman: Arkham City

I've actually stopped playing pinball since I beat a friends score and I've been working on Batman: Arkham City.  I actually finished the story in the game already but that leaves you with just over 300 points in achievements.  That means there are lots more to do in the game.

Well, even though I beat the game for the story line, the other side stories or side missions in the game are still waiting.  So I went and finished all those up except for The Riddlers.  Well, I did rescue 2 hostages but you have rescue like 6 I think.  Well, you don't unlock the hostages until you collect enough of the Riddlers trophies around the map.  So I'm currently running around trying to find all the trophies in the game which I've spent 3 days in one corner and I still have a few I'm trying to find or figure out.  I thought the first Batman was bad, this one has even more.  What really got me last night was I kept seeing these brackets  that look like [] on the map.  I had no clue what they were until now.  They are where the answers to Riddlers riddles are.  You literally have to find what he's talking about, do a scan while in front of the object to complete the riddle.  Luckily the game has guys you'll see in green with the scan mode (forgot what it's called) on.  If you interrogate them, they give you the locations of the riddles on the map.  Without that or using a guide, figure all this out on your own would make this game extremely difficult to finish.

Microsoft had 2 of the 4 DLC's on sale this week.  They were Robin and Nightwing's DLC.  Those DLC's don't have any story  modes in them at all.  They are strictly on the fighting arena which I royally suck at the fighting in this game.  I was horrible at it in the first one and I'm not going to waste my time to do what I'm just not good at.

The other 2 DLC's have stories included with them.  I got Catwoman's as I bought the game new.  Harley Quinn's is the other DLC and I would have liked to have bought that one but not for $10.  If they would have put that on sale I would have bought it.

I'll definitely finish and find all the riddles and Riddlers trophies to finish that story line.  Which after I finish all that there is another mode I have to run through and beat the story again.  Only this time the game doesn't give you any help but you did get to keep all your gadgets.  By the time I finish finding all the Riddlers stuff I'll have maxed out everything on Batman so at least he'll be maxed out with every ability when I run through that mode.

I think I have ran into one glitch in the game though and it's with Catwoman's DLC.  After you beat Two Face, you have to go find and beat up 16 thugs to get your loot back.  Well, I've taken down 12 and there are no more guys to take out with loot.  I've ran through and taken every guy down in this entire part of the city where Two Face is and still nothing.  So unless the game randomly spawns them in at some point, I don't know if I'll be able to finish Catwoman's story line.