Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clash of Clans

Well I'm still hooked on Clash of Clans on my iPad.  I finally got my level 6 town hall and have upgraded so you can see my town.

For me to get enough money it took a little work.  I maxed out all my mines in the game to earn as much as I could.  Then when I was high in money, I came home and I had won a defensive fight.  By doing that I had over 400k saved up.  I spent the rest of the afternoon keeping my iPad active so I couldn't get attacked.  During that time I was attacking as fast as I could going after towns with high money in them.  I earned over 300k in gold plus what my mines earned during that time to make it to 750k.  I was so happy to have finally got it.  I can finally upgrade all my stuff again even if it does require more money to upgrade.

Realizing that I need to get town hall 7 already so I can upgrade the barbarians, archers, and goblins in the game.  With town hall 6, I was only able to get giants and wall breakers upgraded.  It's 1.2 million to get town hall 7 and I can't even hold that much.  I'll have to upgrade my storage units to hold that.  I will uprade my defenses first so that I can hopefully defend and win some battles to keep my money easier.

Next on the list to get upgraded is my wizard tower.  Between the wizard and mortar towers, they help win more than anything.  It costs a lot to get them up to the next level but I'm going to focus on the cheaper things first as it will be easier to get to that amount of money first.