Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated Web Page

Figured today was as good as any to update my blog site.

As of now, I've associated my blog with my Google+ account so I can post on Google+ easily.  Added the Google Badge to help anyone add it to their circles easily as well.

I changed the entire layout of the page with a Dynamic view.  I like it better and I will still keep working on it to make it a little more to my liking with the color aspect of it.

Now to figure out how this posts to my Google+ page via this post to see how things go.

Well, I thought I liked the Dynamic but it's not doing like I want it to so this might be changing soon.

**Another Update**
Well I'm still working on it but I"ll have to come back.  Guess I should have kept my old design.  Not sure why but it won't add any ads onto the site like it did before so I'm going to have to research why it's not.

**Last Update**
Well I can see the ads I have on the page now but if I use a Dynamic page, I don't see them at all.  So not going to try to use that until I figure out why.