Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GOW3 - Finally Boosted to Level 100

Ever since I got the Xbox 360 public beta to test for new desktop, I wasn't able to load up a guest account in GOW3.  Now that the beta is over and I have the full desktop load back, I can once again load a guest account.

Two days ago, I setup my Xbox to boost up some points.  I forgot all about my Hori controller moving and not staying on target.  So I didn't gain any experience at all.

So yesterday I started around 7 pm to try to get it setup right before I let it run through the night.  My first attempt, the controller moved where I was looking and didn't stay on target.  On my second attempt and I actually got it to stick and not move.  However, the guy getting the gun kept pushing it out of range no matter how I set it up.  So every 10 mins, he wasn’t picking up the gun for me to spot.  So around 11 pm I finally redid where the gun was and repositioned him.  It finally lasted more than 10 mins and I went to bed hoping for the best.

So what do I see when I cut the TV on this morning, my guy is dead on the screen.  Unless a friend joined in on my match to kill my guy, I don’t know how my guy picking up the gun could have died.

So I started up another horde round and finished it before I quit out.  I was really happy when I actually got to watch the meter run across the screen.  I started at level 91 so moving past that was great.  Then the meter just didn't stop and it maxed out at 100.  I was ecstatic to see that I made it to level 100.  I guess I’ll get my achievement when I reup since I didn't have time to do that needing to get to work.

Now I get to keep working on it until I can get to level 100 again for the 2nd reup achievement. 

I'll have to go look but there aren't very many achievements left in this game that I'm going to put the time in to get.  So I'll have to check on that this afternoon to see what I have left.