Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wasteland Empires

Still playing this game.  They had made a change a few days ago where they forced you to be in the game to build your army to fight.  Well, that really blows as I'm not going to set there waiting on that.  My fighting time went down and I spent less time in the game than I did before.  Last night the game updated again and they fixed it so it does it offline from what I can tell.

The game is horrible about giving you what you need.  You might destroy the building you need but it might not drop anything out.  Yet that's the only building in the game that will drop that item and only 1 exist in each town.  This part of the game is the most annoying part.  Running out resources is rough and you are forced to fight and yet you can't get what you need.  So you get stuck waiting unless you want to spend money to buy it but if you keep that routine up, you'll sink money into the game.

I've expanded out a little bit more and there are more bigger items that you can't scavenge that say coming soon.  You are stuck building around them and if you have a layout for a town, it's going to mess you up.  I seriously need them to start opening that stuff up in the game or take them off the map.  They started small with a dune buggy and a tank.  Now it's gas stations and the top of a tall glass building from what I unlocked.  I know the game is beta but you can't leave that stuff locked like that forever.  They need to do something with those items.

They also need to get to turning the clan stuff on.  Most people have made clans yet there is only 1 person in them.  Need to open this game up and see what that has to offer so people will want to fight more.  Would help make the game more interesting and add even more to it.  That part needs to hurry up.