Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gears of War 3 and New Headset

Started up GOW3 last night and the game hung up on me right when I picked up the money on the desk.  I had to wait until all the names showed up but I could never hit B to get it off the screen.  Had to start it back over to clear it out.  That was annoying.

The first seen with everything building itself reminded me of Alan Wake.  They so had to pull that idea from that game.

Was playing through with 2 friends last night.  They helped me find the collectibles as I was going through.  They wont' be there tonight, so I'll probably start missing them unless I pull up a guide to know where they are.

The new headset worked great though.  It didn't drop out any like the old one does.  I thought the plastic piece going around my ear would hurt after a while but it never did.  The piece that set on my ear did so I'm going to switch it out to see if that will help on that.