Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wasteland Empires Update

Well, I'm still chugging along on Wasteland Empires.  I'm fixing to start researching Tier 8 and they just released Tier 9 not to long ago.  So closing in on catching up with everyone.  I did catch up and pass my friend.  Not by much as he's just a few steps behind me on researching but he has more buildings down than I do.  Just a different way to play but I'm slowly building that up.  Big difference is I keep upgrading my stuff to get more people and he just put more buildings down upgrading a little for each.

One of main things I want to bring up is that now that I'm on higher tiers in the game, the amount of time and special parts slow you down in the game.  It's weird how I can get a bunch of one thing but my friend doesn't get any.  The game is random and you have to fight and hope to get the part you want.  I tried and tried to get a part and finally gave up and just bought the part I needed.  If not, there is no telling when or if I would have ever gotten the part I needed.  Sometimes buildings don't even drop anything.  All higher tier buildings in the game should drop some item and not just the resources.  I can understand the smaller more abundant buildings not dropping stuff all the time as you can take out a bunch during your fight.  But there is only 1 primary well, hall, barracks, and so forth.  Those should drop an item every time.  I go more times of nothing than anything, so that part can get you frustrated in the game.

I really hope they put more into the clan stuff here soon so we can see what all this will be about.  It might add a ton more to do in the game and it can already suck you in.  I know the game is beta but seeing the coming soon doesn't mean in 2 weeks.  It could be months and has been already.  I also wish the items in the world you can't scavenge would be opened up as well.  Having to build your town around those items, which some are pretty big (gas station for example), messes up any design you might have in mind or come up with.

They made a huge blunder recently on one of the updates though.  They made it where you couldn't train your troops if you actually in the game.  I'm sorry but I don't have time to set there and keep the screen active to build units to fight.  I could have been doing fights all day and yet I didn't get to fight any because they wouldn't train while I didn't have the game loaded.  I'm glad they fixed that as I probably would have stopped playing being forced to have the window open in the game.