Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blah, My Hori Controller Isn't Helping

I'm currently trying to do the spot trick in horde to level up to level 100 faster.  The first night I ran it, no problems.  Ever since that night, two nights ago, it glitches somehow.  I thought my cat hit my controller the first time but the next time I actually saw it.  It slowly jumps to the left a little.  So throughout the night it yanks to the right a little and within like 15 mins it's not spotting anymore.

You would think it would eventually go all the way around but I think it stops at some point or it does move up higher and can't see the weapon to spot if it does go all the way around.

Needless to say if this wouldn't have been happening I probably would been right at or have it level 100.  I wonder if I can spin the controller, it hit the spotting on the spin and stay in place the whole time.  Guess its something to try if it will spot without moving.